‘Meat and 2 Vag!’ – Dublin Has a New ‘Sexy Bakery’

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Located on Capel Street, Dublin has it’s very own “sexy bakery”.

Today, travel2ireland ventured into the city centre to try out some of the pastries Fooderia Dublin has to offer.

Whilst in store we had the pleasure of speaking to business owner Tiago T.Lopes da Silva.

I seized the opportunity to ask Tiago about the business and how he had come up with such a unique concept. Tiago’s response was both thought provoking and incredibly accurate.

He said: “Our aim at Fooderia Dublin is to embrace diversity, and celebrate the human body. We chose Capel Street deliberately as the street is know for its LGBTQ+ community and we want to celebrate inclusion as part of our business.” 

Tiago went on to say it has not all been plane sailing and he receives complaints daily of people saying that the store is not child friendly and should not be opened in the city centre.

One thing is for sure, Fooderia has captured the minds of the Irish people as the shop was packed while we were visiting and the show of support of social media is very much apparent.

The pastries on offer at Fooderia are all in the shape of either a penis or vagina and have rather fruitful names including; “Just the tip”, “Blue Balls” , “Dicey’s Garden” & “Queen B****”.

In addition to the pastries on offer you can also order a drink of your choice including Tea, Coffee and Iced beverage options.

sexy bakery Dublin

Opening hours for the bakery are listed below:

Monday – Closed

Tuesday – 8:30am – 9pm

Wednesday – 8:30am – 10pm

Thursday – 8:30am – 10pm

Friday – 8:30am – 10pm

Saturday – 8:30am – 10pm

Sunday – 10am – 10pm

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