Looking for Love? World Matchmaking Festival Takes Place in Donegal

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County Donegal’s premier seaside resort, Bundoran, will become a mecca for revellers from all over the globe this Autumn when the 1st World Matchmaking Festival 2023 is staged there over 10 days/nights from Friday, September 29 to Sunday, October 8. 

Known for its breathtaking coastal landscapes and warm hospitality, Bundoran becomes a haven for those seeking meaningful connections during this lively festival. The Donegal Festival 2023 has evolved into a modern celebration of love and camaraderie. It’s a melting pot of cultures, stories, and hearts open to the possibility of romantic sparks.

As the festival dates draw near, the buzz and excitement are palpable. Bookings have already started pouring in, as eager participants from different corners of the globe anticipate the festivities. From workshops on communication and relationship-building to lively dance events and cultural showcases, the festival’s itinerary has something for everyone.

Speaking to Donegal News, Shane Smyth of Discover Bundoran said:

“The arrival of the World Matchmaking Festival next month is most welcome as it straddles both September and October and is one of the longest festivals to have run in Bundoran at 10 days in a row! We expect that the festival will give a welcome boost to the town as Bundoran generally gets a bit quieter at that time of year”.

World Matchmaking Festival 2023
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Paul Micheau
Paul Micheau
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