LegenDerry: Your Derry Food Adventure Starts Here

Derry-Londonderry, built on the shores of the River Foyle, is rich in heritage and tradition. LegenDerry Food celebrates the locality’s unique food and drink industry.

From local producers, excited to share their authentic products and stories, to the bustling restaurants, fun-filled bars, vibrant street food scene and brilliant food festivals putting new twists on our ancient city’s fascinating food heritage, LegenDerry supports an array of local businesses and creators.

Lough Foyle Irish Flat Oyster
Blackbird bar and restaurant

Lough Foyle Irish Flat Oyster

Lough Foyle is home a variety of shellfish, the most notable being the Lough Foyle Irish Flat Oyster. Unique to the shores of Lough Foyle, it’s celebrated for its taste and exclusivity, and served in top restaurants in the area.

This oyster is only in season between October and December, so now’s the time to visit and get a taste while you can. The Lough Foyle oyster is so popular, it’s even been transformed into a creamy ‘Foyster’ stout for the city’s Slow Food Festival in October.

A Cultural, Vibrant Food Scene
Foyster Stout

A Unique Food Heritage

Once one of the largest whiskey distilling areas in the world, the city is currently undergoing a renaissance in distilling with cutting edge craft breweries, products and experiences. Sample master brewer James Huey’s creations at the Walled City Brewery, or pay homage to the city’s ancient oak groves with a Northbound oak smoked beer.

You can tuck into much-loved local delicacies including pork sausages from Doherty’s Meats (family owned since 1830), and deliciously sweet cream horn pastries (as seen on TV in Derry Girls). Stock up on scrumptious souvenirs such as Emily McCorkell’s Lo & Slo barbecue sauce, award-winning Dart Mountain cheese, or Grainola Goddess’ superb toasted granola, which uses spent grain up-cycled from the Walled City Brewery.

A Cultural, Vibrant Food Scene
Doherty’s Meats

A Cultural, Vibrant Food Scene

Whether you’re craving tasty street food, a few craft beers and spirits and a relaxed environment, or fine dining with a local twist, you’ve come to the right place. LegenDerry has some amazing street food vendors serving up authentic international flavours, and a host of freshly sourced ingredients.

The area is home to a variety of eateries, from food trucks to shipping containers, and even a double decker bus (known as Decky to its many fans). Cafes and restaurants such as Nonna’s Wood Fired Pizzas, the Pickled Duck, Primrose and the White Horse Hotel pride themselves on using the finest local, seasonal and sustainable produce and catch. This vibrant food scene is celebrated at the unmissable LegenDerry Street Food Festival and Slow Food Festival, and many other hugely popular events throughout the year.

Gateway to a Regional Food Adventure
LegenDerry Street Food Festival

Gateway to a Regional Food Adventure

Adventure is always on the menu at LegenDerry, and it’s ideally located for exploring exciting food experiences in the wider area. Right on its doorstep are award-winning artisan producers, great regional restaurants and Slow Adventures in the Sperrins, from wild camping and cooking by the fire, to horse-riding followed by a three-course meal with local produce.

These inventive and intrepid foodies are putting a modern stamp on a wealth of history, creativity and culture, a zest for life, and a love of the great outdoors.

Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly is a travel journalist for travel2ireland, ITTN and TravelTimes. With a background in arts, culture and lifestyle, Ava has a keen eye for the most visit-worthy destinations and all their attractions.

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