It’s the Weekend – Wildlands Adventure Park, Co. Galway

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With a myriad of indoor and outdoor activities, Wildlands in Co. Galway have entertainment whatever the weather and whatever your desire, as Wildlands is a place for all ages, for thrill-seekers and for those in the pursuit of serenity.

Zip ‘n’ Trek

Wildlands most popular activity is the Zip ‘n’ Trek Course. The course soars 15 metres above the ground and stretches for over one kilometre, making it one of the most impressive in Ireland. With four circuits of varying heights and levels of difficulty, they have options to suit everyone, from the adrenalin junkies to those who want to take a leisurely stroll through the treetops.

Zipline at Wildlands
Zipline at Wildlands

Fun Walls

Test your wits and conquer your fears on the Fun Walls, as you challenge your body and mind by climbing to new heights. You will find yourself ascending each stage with growing confidence as you push your limits to climb higher and higher. Delve into the different themed challenges along the way and discover new ways to solve the challenges within.

Things To Do in Ireland On Weekend
Fun Walls at Wildlands


Are you ready to take your archery skills to the next level? We’ve all watched the movies and marvelled at Robin Hood and Katniss Everdeen’s eye-watering aim and skill to hit a target from miles away. While you may not be able to guarantee that you’ll hit an apple that’s balancing on your friend’s head, you are guaranteed to have a lot of fun learning how. Wildlands fully trained instructors flex your focus and train you to think like a hunter to hone your target practice.

Things To Do in Ireland On Weekend

Tag Archery

Coming soon to Wildlands is the very exciting Tag Archery. Play the hunter or you’ll end up being hunted in the hottest combat game of today. Think Lazer Tag and dodgeball combined with archery and you’re on the right track. This can be played by individuals or a group, as we will join people together before splitting you into teams. Spread out, take cover and it’s game on. You’ll use your wits and wiles to track the other team as you mask your movements behind the props and obstacles to find your best vantage points and take the others out one by one. The last team standing is the victor of the battle. This is a friendly sport of competitive cunning using foam-tipped arrows.

Things To Do in Ireland On Weekend
Tag Archery at Wildlands

Disk Golf

A dynamic take on traditional golf, this game is tons of fun for kids and adults alike. A Frisbee replaces the club and ball to complete the 12-hole disk golf course, in the least number of throws. It’s a unique way to explore this beautiful area as you walk from hole to hole, with a healthy helping of competition to propel you along the way. A great game of precision and fun.

Things To Do in Ireland On Weekend
Disk Golf

Food and Drink

The Olive Tree Kitchen, provides you with a feast for the senses. From here, you can look out onto the ziplines and aerial trekking courses while sampling the nourishing menu using local ingredients. Olive Tree freshly prepare all their food daily in their kitchen. They have daily hot specials or a pizza, cooked in front of you in our traditional Italian firebrick pizza oven. The dough is handmade in house, proved for 48 hours using the timeless methods of traditional Italian pizza makers. Olive Kitchen also have a kids menu created especially for the little ones.

Richard Casburn, the Head Chef has years of experience in delivering the highest quality wholesome food. Pastry chef and baker Marek joins from award-winning Corrib House Tea Rooms.

Pizza at Olive Green Kitchen
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