It’s the Weekend: ‘Splashing Fun’ at Baysports Waterpark, Athlone

Baysports Waterpark is home to Ireland’s largest inflatable waterpark. Ireland’s most unique destination and family fun day out in the heart of Ireland. Located just outside Athlone and central to everywhere in Ireland. Made up of the biggest collection of original one-off award-winning floating slides, rockers and challenges. Baysports is entertaining and delightful for people of all ages and abilities. No matter what the weather you will have fun here, either on the water or just relaxing at the picnic spots or in the colourful BayCafé.

Athlone Castle

At Baysports you can find Athlone Castle a multifunctional jumping platform and a smaller slide for younger children. This slide pays homage to the great castle fortification in Athlone on the Western banks of the River Shannon which once stood guard at of the most important crossing points of the longest river in Ireland, the River Shannon.

Baysports Waterpark Athlone
Baysports Waterpark

Round Tower Slide

Standing alone and weighing just over two tons in weight is the Round Tower Slide. Just as the original round towers, built hundreds of years ago by the ancient Irish monastic monks were once the tallest manmade structures in Ireland. The Baysports Round Tower Slide holds the Guinness World Record as the tallest floating slide in the world.

Baysports Waterpark Athlone
Baysports Waterpark

The Isle of Saints and Scholars

The newest addition to Baysports is The Isle of Saints and Scholars, boasting five huge slides, its own round tower, a Viking helmet and presided over by a bishop and his miter. It’s not quite as complex as the real Isle of saints and scholars but certainly a lot more fun.

Baysports Waterpark Athlone
Baysports Waterpark

Tír na nÓg

The third ‘giant slide’ found at Baysports is Tír na nÓg. Named after the mythological land where people never grow old. Just like its namesake you have to swim out to reach this land however while it is uncertain if reaching it will stop you aging it is certain that you will never get bored while you are there.

Baysports Waterpark Athlone
Baysports Waterpark

Junior Park

Baysports has a mini waterpark near the shore. This is suitable for children from 4 years old and is the perfect way to include younger family members in your day at the bay.

Children will need to be accompanied by an adult to a ratio of 1:1 in the junior park.

Before your time starts in the park, all participants are required to take part in an eight minute safety briefing and all guests must wear cotton socks also.

Baysports Waterpark

Baysports is open all week and you can email [email protected] for any further information or you can purchase your tickets here.

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