Ireland’s Most Unique Date Eye-dea? Discover Eye Portrait Iris Photography


Imagine capturing the essence of your loved one’s gaze in a stunning piece of art. Enter Eye Portrait Irish Photography, where cutting-edge technology meets the beauty of the human iris.

Here’s how it works: The advanced technology that the guys have swiftly captures the vibrant colors and subtle details of your iris. ‘We ensure that the color and texture remain authentic throughout the development process. Within 15-20 minutes, you’ll walk away with a framed print on premium paper, showcasing the intricate beauty of your iris.’

Founded by Chris and Jerry, a dynamic duo merging their passions for art, technology, and photography, Eye Portrait opened its doors last summer. Specialising in macro photography of the eye, they aim to capture the iris’s unique and striking appearance, boasting a variety of colors, patterns, and textures.

At Eye Portrait, prices start at €55, with framed photographs available in various sizes and formats. For those seeking a digital option, they offer hi-res files via email. No appointment is necessary, and collections can be arranged at your convenience.

Located at 13 Leinster Street South, the studio is open Mon-Sat from 12-5 pm, with summer hours subject to change. Additionally, Jerry & Chris feature exhibitions of Irish art, including works related to the Irish Famine from the book “The Truth Behind The Irish Famine,” with signed copies available in-store.

Whether you’re looking for a unique date idea or a memorable piece of art, Eye Portrait Irish Photography offers an unparalleled experience. Visit the guys today and take home a captivating Eye Portrait that truly reflects the beauty of the human eye. Vouchers are also available for purchase here.


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