Ireland Ranked as One of the World’s Top Wedding Destinations

wedding destinations in Ireland
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Ireland has been ranked as one of the world’s best wedding destinations, according to a new survey.

Ireland ranked as the seventh most popular country for a wedding, behind countries like Morocco, Bali and Italy but ahead of the United States and tropical treasures like Fiji and the Bahamas.

The study, conducted by, uses Pinterest data to find out where is trending the most and serving as the biggest source of inspiration when it comes to the big day.

The data highlights how much inspiration future newly-weds take from various destinations.

The Magic of Irish Weddings

Something Ireland is renowned for is our culture. The things that make us Irish different, Irish music, the Shamrock, Irish dancing. All of these combined creates that unmatched atmosphere and ‘craic’ that other countries lack.

Photos are crucial on your special day. The scenery of Ireland is a photographer’s dream, fingers crossed you manage to get the sun. Breath-taking mountain shots to modern shots of our Dublin city. The photo opportunities are endless.

wedding destinations in Ireland
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Known for its churches, it is hard to travel very far in Ireland without coming across a church. If you want to celebrate your wedding with a traditional Irish church ceremony you will have an array of options.

If it is a country manor house, castle, barn or modern hotel you wish you host your wedding in you will find a huge selection here in Ireland. There is every possible style for you and your significant other to choose from.

Top 10 Wedding Destinations

  1. Morocco         6. Bali

2. Greece           7. Ireland

3. France           8. Australia

4. Italy              9. New Zealand

5. Mexico           10. Fiji

Here’s the full research.


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