Get Your ‘Tight-End’ Off the Sofa, and ‘Touch Down’ in the ‘End Zone’ – 9 Places to Watch Super Bowl LVII this Weekend

Super Bowl LVII

It’s 11pm on Sunday, your TV’s gone on the blink, you don’t have to be in work tomorrow and you’re wide awake. But something’s gnawing away at your happiness.

You’ve spent the last week either not giving a damn about this year’s Super Bowl (Philadelphia Eagles v Kansas City Chiefs; State Farm Stadium, Glendale, Arizona; Sunday February 12, 2023 – Half-time headline act: Rihanna) or excitedly awaiting it.

Either way, you’ve made a serious fumble, in that you (a) turned down that invite to the neighbourhood Super Bowl party in favour of watching alone in the comfort of your own space…or (b) suddenly feel you’re missing out and need to be involved in something you know nothing about nor had any interest in up until a few hours ago.

Whatever situation you find yourself in, FOMO vibes are all but consuming you.

What you need, now, is to call a time out, get your tight end off the sofa, lob a Hail Mary to get you back into the game, blitz your options and get yourself to the end zone – in this case, a decent location from where to watch the match – and touchdown before kick-off.

Here are your options:

Glendale, Arizona

Going straight to the source – the match, itself! A bit unrealistic, this one, as it takes around 18 hours to fly there (with stopovers necessary from Ireland: London, New York, Chicago etc), costs at the very least €400 one way and then numerous body parts to gain access to the stadium and nab a room for the night. The one positive – if you are mad enough to go down this route at this late stage – is that when you finally touch down in Phoenix, you’re only about 30 minutes away from Glendale by road. G’wan, go for it!

McSorley’s, Ranelagh, Dublin 6

Ranelagh on a Sunday night in February can be as quiet as Ranelagh on a Sunday night in January…but McSorley’s, the area’s premier late night spot, is always pumping with life at a weekend. Not only that, but it has the TVs and the space…and, crucially, the experience of hosting Super Bowl Sundays for years (ie it’ll be open and you won’t have to ask them to switch over from the Fresno Open Golf, or whatever else might be on the sports channels at that time of night)

Harcourt Hotel Bar & Garden, Harcourt Street Dublin 2

The sumptuous settings of the beer garden to the rear of Dublin’s famous Harcourt Hotel, situated near the top of Harcourt Street will be a popular choice this Sunday. Accessible by Luas and not far from Grafton Street or Ranelagh if absolutely sardine-like packed – which it probably will be.

McGowan’s, Phibsborough Road, Phibsborough, Dublin 7

A fixture of the Dublin sports bar scene – with about 18 screens beaming out at you – and one of the veterans of Super Bowl Sunday hosting. If you’re an avid NFL-watcher, you’re on holy ground here.

Sinnotts, South King Street, Dublin 2

Another no-brainer is this option – arguably the premier sports bar in Dublin city centre (a pigskin’s throw from Grafton Street and St Stephen’s Green); probably the most difficult location to have a conversation in once there is more than one sporting event live on the telly. Which is exactly what you want from a sports bar.

Galmont Hotel, Lough Atalia Road, Galway

The stakes are high with this one. Firstly, there’s an official starting time (9pm) and entry fee (€25 per person; discounts for parties of 20 people or more). But, with 3 big screens, drink promos AND a kicking machine…it’s no wonder this is called ‘Ireland’s Biggest Super Bowl Party’.

Flannerys Bar, Upper Denmark Street, Limerick

This famous Limerick pub has a fine reputation as one of THE places from where to watch the Super Bowl, having hosted a Super Bowl Sunday party in conjunction with the UL Vikings football team for years.

The Woolshed, Parnell Street, Dublin; Sheares Street, Cork

Two other perennial Super Bowl favourites. No need to go to untested places that might close early. These are the nailed on certainties!


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