Get your Coddle Credentials Tested at Coddle Cook-Off – Happening at Me Auld Flower Festival!

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Coddle inspires strong opinions. You either like it or hate it. Quick confession: I loved it. We were sent two bowls of steaming, homemade coddle along with a serving of (homemade) soda bread by our former neighbours Stephen and Alex. And boy, were we wowed!

The coddle was from a recipe that was given to our neighbour Stephen by his mom, and he said that whilst growing up, it wasn’t unusual to have coddle on weekends. It wasn’t just his mom who cooked coddle; it was staple fare at most of his neighbours.

So, a coddle cook-off is good news for Dubliners then, right? The organisers at Me Auld Flower, a new Irish food and drink festival certainly think so. We had written about the festival previously, and you can find the link here, but here is the latest development.

They have announced a coddle cook-off, and this is what their website says, “We know coddle is a dish dear to Dubliners, it was even said to be a favourite of James Joyce and Sean O’Casey. But it’s a divisive dish that usually causes much debate – brown or white? Are you a purist or do you add potatoes or pearl barley?

At Me Auld Flower, we want to put all the debating to the test and so we’re hosting a coddle cook-off on Sunday 19th March.

Contestants will be asked to cook and present their coddle to our esteemed panel of coddle experts.

The competition is open to home cooks, chefs, restaurants, pubs and cafés. If you are passionate about your coddle and think it could be Dublin’s Next Top Coddle, then please consider entering our coddle cook-off!”

You can enter the content via this link.

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