Galway Races Just Around the Corner

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Starting on the last Monday of July and lasting seven days, Galway hosts a week of horse racing during one of Ireland’s most important and lively horse racing events.

The Galway Races are one of Ireland’s most important, not to mention colorful horse racing events. During the last week of July, the Ballybrit Race course hosts the Galway Races, a real spectacle in the Irish Horse Racing calendar, which attracts some 200,000 race-goers!

The Galway Races is a tradition that dates back 140 years to 1869 and involves major race events over 7 days. The highest prize is in excess of 200,000 euros. One of the highlights of the seven-day Galway festival is Lady’s Day, which falls on a Thursday

The races are a huge event for Galway and are broadcast live throughout the 7-day festival on Ireland’s main Television channels, RTE and TG4.

Tickets to the event are still available, a 3-day ticket for adults will cost €70 with 1-day tickets on Monday, Tuesday & Wednesday costing adults €25 while on Thursday & Friday, a ticket will set you back €30 and finally if you’re looking to enjoy some weekend racing, tickets on Saturday and Sunday will cost adults €20. Tickets can be found on the Galway Races’ official website.

What: Galway Races

When: July 31st-Aug 6th

Where: Ballybrit, Galway

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