Forest Kids Adventures Re-Opens in July at Glencullen Adventure Park

outdoor activities for kids
Children Being Taught How to Light a Fire

The theme for Summer 2021 is ‘Outdoor Activity’ and with the weather getting better we are all being encouraged to get out there and embrace nature again. With this in mind, Heather Burnett Niland is announcing the re-launch of Forest Kids Summer Outdoor courses for children aged 6 – 12 years old.

Primarily based in Glencullen Adventure Park in the heart of the Dublin Mountains, Forest Kids offer safe, fun and educational outdoor adventures for children, placing a strong emphasis on appreciation of nature.

For Forest Kids the outdoors is a magical wonderland waiting to be explored. The 3 day courses allow children to learn, explore, discover and play in safe and exciting outdoor environment. They introduce the concept of ‘Leave No Trace’ and aim to cultivate in the child respect and appreciation of the abundance of nature around us, whether you live in the city, suburbs or countryside.

outdoor activities for kids
Child Scaling a Tree

“This year during the pandemic the whole world has realised the importance of play outdoors for children. The importance of free play while learning has grown massively. Forest Kids is for all and we have had children attend of all ages and abilities” says Heather Burnett Niland, founder of Forest Kids.

“Our child driven programme adapts to the interests and direction of the children which leads to learning through play, building relationships and communicating with each other.”

About Heather – Ireland’s answer to Bear Grylls

Heather has 25 years in childcare, primarily in Little Darlings Creche in South County Dublin. She has attained an N.N.E.B. (DYCA Equivalent) qualification in childcare and she and her team are Garda vetted, Tusla registered and fully trained in First Aid. Heather also has Wilderness Emergency Care training for 15 years and is currently studying Forest School Leadership. Brought to Ireland by the I.F.S.A, this is a vision of children leading the way in their experiences. Being free to risk assess and build their confidence through developing their skills and adapting to overcome and complete tasks. It develops their self-esteem, resilience, physical as well as emotional needs in a holistic way, creating independent thinkers.

outdoor activities for kids
Heather Burnett Niland, founder of Forest Kids

Forest Kids Summer Adventures are restarting in July with 3 day courses which are usually Wednesday – Friday inclusive, from 10am – 1pm are for all children aged 6 – 12 years old. There will be courses and adventures for younger age groups in September. Transition year days of survival skills run country wide and summer day trips for all school going ages. Birthday parties can also be catered for. Adult challenges/experiences are also available to help people rediscover their love of the outdoors with fun days in the Forest that both challenge and engage.

So why not welcome our outdoor themed summer this year and get the kids excited about nature, making new friends and building self confidence, because in the wise words of Albert Einstein, “Look deep into nature and you will understand everything better.” 

For more information or to book an adventure course, birthday or school event:


Email: [email protected]

Facebook: Forest Kids

Glencullen Adventure Park (The Gap)



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