Food Truck: Baily Bites at Kish, Howth Pier, Co. Dublin

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Any lover of the Irish seaside knows that Howth is the ideal destination for a walk by the ocean followed by a well-deserved bite to eat. For seafood enthusiasts, Dublin’s famous fishing town has no shortage of mouthwatering eateries.  

Howth pier is home to Baily Bites food truck, offering visitors something special to keep well-fed and warm as Autumn approaches. The truck is Kish Fish seafood market’s answer to outdoor dining and is open seven days a week. 

food truck Howth Pier

Grab yourself a seafood chowder to go, served in a hearty bread bowl – or for the traditionalists out there, you can’t go wrong with a classic serving of fish and chips. The truck also serves sandwiches, coffee and sweet treats, so rest assured Baily Bites has got all bases covered for your day out.


Opening hours:
Monday-Friday 10am-4pm
Saturday and Sunday 10am-5pm 

Stay in the loop with Baily Bites on Instagram and Facebook.

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Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly
Ava Farrelly is a travel journalist for travel2ireland, ITTN and TravelTimes. With a background in arts, culture and lifestyle, Ava has a keen eye for the most visit-worthy destinations and all their attractions.

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