Five Irish Skincare Brands to Kick-Start Your New Routine

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How many of us are looking for a new skincare routine to keep us going through 2022? We all have our new year’s resolutions, and this year we’re hoping to keep them up. Here are five independent Irish skincare brands that will make you want stick with them through the year.

Five Irish Skincare Brands to Kick-Start Your New Routine

Green Angel

The all-natural Green Angel skincare uses lots of skin-loving ingredients to create products that feel lightweight and rejuvenating – and smell fantastic as well. Enriched with pure essential oils, botanical oils and extracts, vitamin E and more, Green Angel gives your skin the boost it needs without harsh chemicals.

Choose from a range of products designed for different purposes and skin types, so you can customise your skincare routine and give yourself the care you deserve. Whether you’re looking to revitalise your hair, body or face –or you’re searching for some natural fragrances for your home– Green Angel has all you need.

Find out where you can find Green Angel products here.

Dublin Herbalists

Dublin Herbalists is another fabulous Irish skincare brand using natural ingredients to create deliciously scented skincare for all skin types. Using floral waters, natural butters and active ingredients to moisturise skin without irritation, each product is designed to leave your skin feeling and looking fresh.

Whether it’s a repairing hand cream, revitalising face cream or a post-bath body butter, you’ll find all you need for an evening of self care or a new daily skincare routine. The shop even sells its own baby range offering oils and balms, so both you and baby can benefit.

Pick up your Dublin Herbalists skincare products in these stores.

Wild Rose Botanicals

Husband and wife duo Rachel and Rob are behind the fantastically floral Wild Rose Botanicals. With a selection of mystical products, the pair create skincare that embraces all that planet earth has to offer us, including body butters, face creams and washes. Using organic, eco-friendly ingredients, each product is handmade with care to protect and love your skin.

This is another brand with a focus on the little ones, with its ‘Mama + Babe’ products. Selling nourishing baby butter, gentle wipe spray and belly salve to aid in the protection of stretching skin, you can be assured that both baby and mother are well looked after.

Find out where you can get your hands on some of Wild Rose Botanicals’ products here.


Kinvara skincare was created by Dr Joanne Reilly, on a hunt for products that were kind to skin, affordable and reflected her values. Based in the charming village of Kinvara in County Galway, this skincare range is authentically Irish and committed to giving customers a product their skin will love.

For five years, Kinvara has been producing natural products with a focus on loving all skin types as well as the planet. Using ingredients sourced from plant extracts, minerals, clays and seaweeds, each product is 100% natural, vegan and Irish-made. For cleansers, oils and creams for both body and face, start your self care journey with Kinvara.

Click here to find out where you can find Kinvara’s products.

Pestle and Mortar

Pestle and Mortar is the sleek skincare range promising to repair and refresh both the body and face. Using active ingredients and natural extracts, each product is created with care, combining the power of science with the values of Indian natural healing.

For those looking for new products to help bring out that healthy glow this year, Pestle and Mortar has plenty of products to choose from. With cleansers, serums, creams and more, you can create your perfect skincare routine, designed to target specific areas and issues. Treat your skin to some deeply nourishing care, with packaging built to impress.

Find out which Irish shops are stocking Pestle and Mortar on there official website.

Which is your go-to Irish skincare brand? Let us know on FacebookTwitter or Instagram.

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