Five Irish Books to Gift the Kids This Christmas

Irish children's books

If you’re still on the lookout for Christmas gifts for the kids, why not send them on an adventure where their imagination can run wild? From tots to teens, there are plenty of books out there for children of all ages. Here are our top picks from Irish authors this year:

Five Irish Books to Gift the Kids This Christmas

The Big Book of Favourite Irish Myths and Legends – Joe Potter

Irish children's books

You’ll find all of Ireland’s classic tales in this wonderfully illustrated book of Irish myths and legends.

Rediscover the stories you grew up with but not as you know them, as they’re retold in a more modern style. Introduce the little ones to some magical legends, from The Children of Lir to The Salmon of Knowledge, and tales of the mighty Fianna.

The Big Book of Favourite Irish Myths and Legends is the perfect gift for Irish children who want to learn all about their native folklore, or indeed those from further afield curious to know more about the enchanting Emerald Isle.

The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street – Sarah Webb

Irish children's books

The Little Bee Charmer of Henrietta Street takes readers back to 1911 Dublin, as Eliza Kane and her brother Jonty move from the suburbs of Rathmines to a tenement flat on Henrietta Street.

After the change of scenery brings a shock to the two siblings, they discover there’s much more to their new home than meets the eye. Things start to get interesting when they meet their teenage neighbour Annie and her brothers, and a travelling circus comes to town.

Helping bee charmer Madam Ada and Albert the dog trainer, the pair embark on a magical adventure with the circus.

Mr Spicebag – Freddie Alexander

Irish children's books

The ‘spice bag’ has become hugely ingrained in Irish culture, and sometimes it’s the only comfort we need after a long day – but what happens when it starts to take over?

This humorous novel follows 10-year-old George on a strange adventure after a new chipper comes to town, run by the ominous Mr Spicebag. Noticing that everyone around him has become addicted to the spice bag, eating it for every meal of the day, George stumbles upon something he wasn’t meant to see.

This is the perfect stocking filler for kids in search of a laugh and some adventure this Christmas.

The New Girl – Sinead Moriarty

Irish children's books

As a young girl, navigating school life can be difficult and confusing at the best of times, and Ruby is no stranger to this feeling. Although she has her friends Denise and Clara to see her through, she can’t help but feel like the odd one out.

When new girl Safa joins the class, Ruby is seated beside her. As a refugee who has just arrived in Ireland from Syria, Safa’s background couldn’t be further from what Ruby is used to.

As the girls begin to develop a friendship, they start to realise that they may have more in common than they originally thought.

The Summer I Robbed a Bank – David O’Doherty

Irish children's books

It’s the summer before Rex starts secondary school and the world seems to be against him. His parents have split up and he’s been sent to spend the summer on an isolated Irish island with only sheep for friends.

The only redeeming factor is that he’s staying with his strange and ingenious Uncle Derm, who’s always got a plan up his sleeve. Rex discovers that Derm is about to execute his biggest and riskiest plan yet – to rob the island’s travelling bank and redistribute the money to local causes in need.

Join the pair in this hilarious novel, as they embark on the adventure of a lifetime.

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