Five Fantastic Historical Stays in Ireland

Historical Stays Ireland
Historical Stays Ireland

One of Ireland’s greatest strengths is its rich history. For centuries, the Emerald Isle has been home to some of the most impressive estates and luxurious manor houses. We’ve found five of Ireland’s best historical hotels so you can take a step back in time and relax in style.

Five Fantastic Historical Stays in Ireland

Adare Manor, Limerick

Near the charming village of Adare, home to some of Ireland’s cosy traditional pubs and quirky local businesses, you’ll find Adare Manor. What was once a humble Georgian home was transformed into the manor house we know today in the 19th century, and it still holds all of its character and class.

Resting on the banks of the River Maigue, Adare Manor is as sophisticated as they come. Boasting seven huge stone pillars, plenty of natural light and comfortable, spacious accommodation, the decor is perfectly balanced for a comfortable stay steeped in history.

Liss Ard Estate, West Cork

The 19th century Liss Ard Country Manor Hotel sits on a 163-acre estate. Despite its age, the hotel’s rooms are the modern minimalist’s dream, with crisp white linens and large windows overlooking the beautifully manicured gardens and 40-acre private lake.

Perhaps the estate’s most impressive feature, landscape artist James Turrell’s Irish Sky Garden is an art installation built into nature. The landscape is reminiscent of a huge bowl, with a hollowed out centre and an angled platform in the middle. Guests are invited to lie and observe the uninterrupted view of the grass against the sky, with the grassy banks blocking the noise from outside – the perfect opportunity for meditation.

Currarevagh House, Connemara

The family-owned Currarevagh House is one of Ireland’s more modest historical houses. The small, ten-bedroom house is the ideal spot to escape and relax for a couple of days. Take some time to yourself and enjoy the house’s brand new lakeside sauna, with views of the peaceful Lough Corrib.

One of Ireland’s more homely establishments, Currarevagh House has remained in the same family since it was first built in 1842. The house has survived some of Ireland’s most significant hardships, and the estate’s famine graveyard is the resting place of many victims taken by the Great Famine.

Butler House, Kilkenny

Step into the stylish Butler House, first built as the dower house for Kilkenny Castle in the 18th century. The house is rich with history, and one of its most notable attributes is its former use as a soup kitchen during the cholera outbreak in 1832. Since then, it has become one of the country’s most loved historical hotels.

The house was refurbished in the early 70s, and its decor is still reflective of this today. Combining elements of its original furnishings with 70s art deco embellishments, each room is quirky and unique with a fantastic pop of colour.

Ardtara Country House, Derry

Modernity meets romantic Victorian architecture at Ardtara Country House, built in 1896. The house is elegant and secluded – the perfect spot to run away and enjoy a couple nights of luxury, surrounded by Derry’s peaceful woodlands.

Classic with a modern touch, each bedroom is unique in design and promises a night of comfort. Downstairs, you’ll find the dining areas are full of life. Whether you’re in the mood for a delectable sit-down meal at the restaurant or a fruity cocktail by the lounge’s open fire, you’ll find just what you’re looking for.

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