Fancy a Burger with a Side of Abuse? Karen’s Diner is Coming to Dublin Next Year

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Dublin, get ready to experience dining like never before, as the infamous Australian restaurant chain, Karen’s Diner, known for its unique blend of culinary chaos and customer ridicule, is set to open its doors on O’Connell Street in February.

Originating in Sydney and skyrocketing to fame through TikTok, Karen’s Diner gained notoriety for its unapologetically terrible service and staff known to roast customers as much as the food they serve. With videos of staff berating patrons amassing up to 20 million views, the restaurant has become a viral sensation for its audacious approach to hospitality.

Despite its less-than-charming reputation, Karen’s Diner is embracing the challenge of bringing its unique brand of service to Dublin, proudly declaring, “Irish charm won’t work on us.” Patrons can anticipate encounters with rude waitstaff, forced participation in unconventional games, and the guarantee of public embarrassment or personal insults delivered via paper bags.

For the uninitiated, “Karen” is an Australian slang term referring to a typically white, middle-class woman perceived as overly entitled or demanding. At Karen’s Diner, guests are discouraged from asking to speak to the manager, as the staff openly admit they “literally don’t care.”

A spokesperson for the establishment humorously stated, “From the cobbles to Karen’s, you never know what you’re gonna bump into. But one thing is for sure, whether you’re an A-lister, a Z-lister, or a nobody (that’s you lot), you ALL get the same truly terrible service, crappy attitude, and a roasting so hot you’ll leave chargrilled.”

The diner is set to open its doors in the heart of Dublin, and those daring enough can make reservations on the website for a front-row seat to the chaos starting February 3. Job seekers interested in contributing to the mayhem are also invited to apply through the diner’s website.

As a treat for diners across the country, pop-up Karen’s Diners are slated to appear in Galway, Cork, Limerick, Wexford, and Waterford. Whether you’re ready for the challenge or not, Karen’s Diner is here to test the limits of your patience and sense of humor, Dublin, brace yourselves for the Karens!

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Paul Micheau
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