Fáilte Ireland Unveils Tourism Recovery Plan for 2022

Fáilte Ireland's Tourism Recovery Plan
08/02/2022 NO REPRO FEE, MAXWELLS DUBLIN Fáilte Ireland today unveiled its priorities for 2022 to support the recovery of the tourism sector to over 800 delegates from tourism and hospitality at the Convention Centre Dublin, pictured are Ruth Andrews, Chairperson, ITIC, Paul Kenny, CEO, Fáilte Ireland and Jenny De Saulles, Director of Sector Development, Fáilte Ireland. Addressing the audience, Fáilte Ireland CEO Paul Kelly said “As a critical part of the national economy, only when tourism recovers can there be a nationwide recovery.” At the event entitled ‘From Survival to Recovery’ Fáilte Ireland presented its largest and most robust research undertaken to date on staffing and skills and outlined plans for further investment in the digital presence of tourism businesses; four Regional Strategies  and 27 Destination Plans; a doubling of the domestic marketing investment; and plans to reduce tourism’s carbon footprint. PIC: NO FEE, MAXWELLS

Fáilte Ireland unveiled the 2022 plans for tourism recovery, but availability of staff remains a major challenge.

Fáilte Ireland Unveils Tourism Recovery Plans for 2022

Hundreds of tourism providers and stakeholders, from around Ireland met today, 8 February, 2022, in the Convention Centre Dublin to hear of the plans for tourism recovery from Fáilte Ireland. 

Chief Executive Paul Kelly said that, “today marks what we hope will be the transition from survival to a sustained and sustainable recovery. Tourism is a building block for regional balance and a critical contributor to social cohesion.  

It is essential for creating sustainable communities and a significant generator of jobs in regional and rural Ireland. As a critical part of the national economy, only when tourism recovers can there be a nationwide recovery,”  he said. 

Fáilte Ireland's Tourism Recovery Plan

The priorities include: 

  • Doubling of investment in domestic marketing to €10million compared to 2019 to encourage people to take additional short breaks among 2022 priorities   
  • Strong recovery in inbound tourism based on air access projected to be 83% of 2019 levels  
  • Staffing and cost inflation most significant challenges currently facing tourism sector   
  • Package of measures unveiled to support industry as it seeks to fill estimated 40,000 vacancies including new Excellent Employer Programme to build appeal of working in tourism and hospitality. 

 Fáilte Ireland also presented its largest and most robust research undertaken to date on staffing and skills in the tourism and hospitality sector.   

Thirty percent of businesses surveyed saying their business could face closure if recruitment challenges aren’t resolved. Mr. Kelly warned that “staffing and competitiveness are the two most significant challenges facing the recovery of tourism in 2022. The pandemic has had a profound impact on the industry’s skill base, with a mass exodus of workers into other industries that reopened earlier.”  

Fáilte Ireland will also provide participating businesses with tailored supports to action the key development areas highlighted in the staff survey. The aim is to support businesses to continuously improve their workplace and enhance their appeal to existing and potential employees.

At the meeting today there were sessions on the development of each of the four regions of the country, Dublin, Ireland’s Ancient East, the Wild Atlantic Way and the Hidden Heartlands. They were attended by hospitality and stakeholders who learned of the plans for future developments.


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