Experience the Magic of Winter at Wonderlights: A Festive Stroll Through Malahide Castle’s Gardens


As the winter chill starts to settle in, there’s a new and dazzling reason to embrace the crisp air and celebrate the magic of the season. Wonderlights, Ireland’s grandest light show, is back, and it’s more mesmerising than ever. From November 10th to January 2nd, gather your loved ones and embark on an extraordinary journey through the illuminated wonderland of Malahide Castle. This year, prepare to be spellbound by “Wonderlights Presents: The Magic of Winter.”

A Magical Experience for All Ages

Wonderlights is not just an ordinary light show; it’s a captivating experience that will leave a lasting impression on visitors of all ages. Whether you’re a family seeking a festive outing, a couple in search of a romantic evening, or friends looking for a unique adventure, Wonderlights has something special in store for everyone.

The Magic of Winter Unveiled

This year, Wonderlights is proud to unveil its enchanting theme, “Wonderlights Presents: The Magic of Winter.” Step into a world where the winter air is crisp, and the unexpected is the norm. In this realm, nature flourishes in ways you’ve never imagined, and vibrant colors come to life. As you walk through the illuminated gardens, you’ll bear witness to the wondrous transformation of the natural world, complete with magical creatures that defy imagination. The captivating dance of light against the backdrop of darkness creates a symphony of beauty and wonder that will leave you breathless.

New and Beloved Displays

Wonderlights 2023 promises to be a visual feast, featuring a host of brand-new displays that will leave you in awe. These stunning installations are complemented by the return of beloved classics that have captured the hearts of visitors in the past. From the moment you step into the garden, you’ll be surrounded by a world of light, color, and sounds that create a unique and unforgettable atmosphere.

Plan Your Visit

Don’t miss your chance to be part of this extraordinary winter wonderland. Tickets for Wonderlights are on sale now, so make sure to secure your spot and be among the first to witness the magic. Sign up for the priority list to receive exclusive discounts, opportunities to participate in exciting competitions, and more surprises that will make your visit even more memorable.

If you’re considering a corporate or group outing this winter, Wonderlights offers the perfect setting to create special memories with your team, colleagues, or friends. Reach out to inquire about group reservations and make your winter outing truly exceptional.

This holiday season, step out into the enchanting world of “The Magic of Winter” at Wonderlights. Immerse yourself in the captivating displays, bask in the warmth of festive lights, and experience the magic of Malahide Castle’s illuminated gardens. Come outdoors, walk by night, and let Wonderlights light up your senses, creating cherished memories that will last long after the holiday season is over.


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