Experience the Art of Gin Making in Galway with Tribe Irish Gin

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Amidst the challenges of 2021, four visionary individuals—Adam, Cormac, Ciarán, and Michael—united their diverse experiences from around the world to bring Tribe Irish Gin to life. Proud Tribesmen with a shared passion for Galway, their mission was clear: to create exceptional spirits and share the joy of craft distilling with their community.

Tribe Gin School

At the heart of Tribe Irish Gin’s venture is the Tribe Gin School, a place where the fun of crafting your own gin meets the vibrant spirit of the Tribes. Located in picturesque Salthill, County Galway, this is Ireland’s largest gin school, offering a completely unique experience. Forget the traditional, Tribe Gin School is about embracing the joy of creativity and community.

For €95 per person (or €150 for two sharing a still), the Tribe Gin School experience is a 2-hour 30-minute adventure. Distill your very own bottle of gin to take home, guided every step of the way by the Tribe experts. Throughout the class, enjoy unlimited G&Ts to get your creative juices flowing, complemented by a delightful meat and cheese charcuterie board. Tribe Gin School is not just an educational experience; it’s a celebration of craft & laughter.

Gin-Maker’s Tasting & Tour

If you’re looking for a shorter but equally delightful experience, the Gin-Maker’s Tasting & Tour awaits. Every Friday, Saturday, and Sunday afternoon, choose between the Tasting Tour (€25) or the Tasting and Bottling Tour (€60).

The Tasting Tour includes sampling three G&Ts while you learn about the art of gin distilling, botanicals, and local history. Opt for the Tasting and Bottling Tour, and in addition to the tasting, you get to distill and bring home your 70cl bottle of premium gin with a personalised label. With over 30 botanicals to choose from, this tour is a hands-on, enjoyable exploration of the world of gin.

Tribe Irish Gin – Bringing the Spirit Home

For those who want to enjoy the Tribe Irish Gin experience from the comfort of their homes, the Tribe Irish Gin – 70CL is available here for €35. This small-batch premium gin, a Gold Medal winner in the 2022 Gin Masters, offers a refreshing taste with hints of sweet spiciness. Core botanicals like Lemon, Cassia Bark, and Cardamon create a delightful flavor profile. Perfectly paired with a citrusy tonic, ice, and a slice of lemon, Tribe Gin brings the spirit of Galway to your glass.

Tribe Irish Gin invites you to join them in crafting joy, celebrating creativity, and experiencing the art of distilling with a smile. From the interactive Gin School to the spirited Tasting & Tour experiences, every encounter with Tribe Irish Gin promises a dash of fun, a splash of flavor, and a whole lot of joy. Cheers to crafting spirits and spreading happiness!


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