EPIC – The Irish Emigration Museum

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I love history. It was always one of my favourite subjects growing up during school so when I was lucky enough to be invited out to the Irish Emigration Museum I was absolutely thrilled.

Located in the Custom House Quay building on the North Dock, The EPIC Museum is a must-do for visitors and locals looking to get a deeper knowledge of Ireland and what it means to be Irish. As you discover the story of our emigrants and how they changed and molded the world, you will realise that emigration is not about what people leave behind, but what they bring with them.

On arrival, you are given an EPIC Passport. After you are finished exploring each room there is a stamp machine which you may use to get your stamp to show you have completed that room. I wasn’t aware of this before I arrived and was quite impressed. It’s quite satisfying to collect each stamp. It really ties together the whole experience.

Custom House Quay
Stamper at EPIC

The tour is a fully interactive experience, the museum will guide you as you uncover the dramatic and inspiring stories of the Irish people who travelled the world, reliving some of their greatest achievements in music, literature, sport, politics, fashion, and science. There are some really joyful stories that really make you proud to be Irish but also there are some heart-wrenching stories that will make you want to break out the tissues. It is a very emotional experience.

The tour has made a few changes due to covid-19 precautions. Masks must be worn at all times during the tour. There are also hand sanitizer stations plotted throughout the rooms.

Custom House Quay

My favourite thing overall about the tour is the stunning visuals throughout, each room has a specific theme and there are some really fantastic pieces of art and high-quality props placed from start to finish of the tour.

Custom House Quay
The price, I think is a fair representation of what you get to experience on this 90-minute tour. The prices are Adult (Age 18-64) €16.50, Teenager (Age 13-17) €10.50, Child (Age 6-12) €8.50, Infant (Age 0-5) FREE, Concession €15.00 Valid for 3rd level students (with valid ID) & seniors (age 65+), Senior Wednesdays €11.50, Special discount rate for seniors (age 65+), valid every Wednesday. Available from ticket desk only. There is also some group offers of Adult Groups €14.50, for adult groups of 10+ people or senior groups €13.00, Senior groups of 11-20 people. For groups of 21+ please contact us directly for rates.

Book your tour here.

All in all, I had a fantastic time and would like to thank EPIC again for having me for an overall epic experience.


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