Eating Out – Dublin 8th Most Expensive European City

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Dublin ranked eighth in the list of most expensive cities to eat out in Europe. Topping the list of the most expensive cities is Oslo in Norway followed by Zurich and Geneva in Switzerland. These three cities also topped the world rankings. Below Dublin in the top ten were Stockholm, Sweden and Paris, France. 

Eating Out – Dublin 8th Most Expensive European City

The survey was carried out by Holidu, the search engine for holiday rentals, in an effort to seek out the cities in the world where food and drink are the cheapest. Using the Cost-of-Living data from Numbeo, Holidu ranked the cities by their average costs. The survey included the price of a bottle of wine, a mid-range three-course meal for two, a beer, a cappuccino and some staples like bread and cheese. 

Other cities appearing in the most expensive top ten rankings were Reykjavik, New York, San Francisco, Tel Aviv, Honolulu, Boston and Copenhagen.

The cheapest European cities to eat out in the league table were Belgrade in Serbia, Budapest in Hungary and Sofia in Bulgaria. All the best value cities for eating out were in central and eastern Europe apart from Porto in Portugal. 

For example, a meal for two in Belgrade will cost below €30 whereas in Oslo it would cost €98.86. The cost of a bottle of beer was also compared and in Sofia it is €1.52 and in Geneva it is €7.31. 

In the world rankings of cheapest cities for food, Colombo in Sri Lanka is number one with a meal under €13. It was followed by Hanoi in Vietnam where a beer costs €1.39 and Istanbul in Turkey where a cappuccino will cost €1.20. 

The cheapest city for eating out in the United States is Vancouver. Unsurprisingly New York topped the list of most expensive cities the United States. New York ranked as the most expensive in most categories including mid-range dining out. So you may have to resort to a slice of the famous NY pizza or early bird offers to stretch the budget on a visit to the Big Apple.

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