Eat Locally: The Little Kitchen, Leeson Street, Dublin 4

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The Little Kitchen on Leeson Street is a pleasure for any foodie to visit. I was fortunate recently to be invited out to meet the manager, Arsen Hoxha and the head chef, Paul Byrne.

As soon as I arrived I could already see why the place is so loved by its locals. Arsen was so welcoming as I arrived and was keen to help me in any way before we sat down to have our arranged chat. Arsen is very experienced at front-of-house having worked in a number or restaurants including a Michelin Star restaurant for years. Arsen decided to branch out on his own in 2019.

Paul, Little Kitchen’s head chef has worked in many different areas of the industry and has expertise in making top-quality foods. Paul had recently been appointed as head chef at Little Kitchen.

At The Little Kitchen restaurant they believe in delivering a dining experience that includes three things:

  • Serving their customers food of substance mixed with style and sourced from the very best Irish providers.
  • ​Providing a dining area that is comfortable, relaxed and informal.
  • ​Ensuring that their service matches the quality of their food.

Arsen and Paul invited me and videographer Katie, to try some of his food. I was lucky enough to get my hands on a medium-rare steak which was fabulous. Cooked to perfection by Paul with all the juices still running through the piece of meat.

Katie, a vegetarian, couldn’t have been happier with the mashed potato she was given. Fluffy and creamy, the best kind of mash. Katie even managed to get an extra portion before leaving.

The whole experience during my visit to the Little Kitchen felt wholesome and genuine. Arsen and Paul were so warm, they obviously care about the customer and food. I assured Arsen I would be back very soon.

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