Eat Locally: Manifesto, Rathmines

Manifesto Rathmines eat locally

Manifesto located at 208 Rathmines Road is a real treat for Rathmines locals. Chef and owner Lucio Paduano hails from the south of Italy and his passion for creative and high-quality food is reflected on Manifesto’s menus and wine list. Lucio and his team make their own pasta, sauces, bread and desserts every day, and Manifesto’s pizzas have won gold medals at the Pizza World Championships.

Manifesto Rathmines eat locally

At Manifesto, the freshest ingredients sourced in Ireland and Italy are at the heart of their food. Manifesto is innovative in pairing flavors while still keeping the traditional values of its home cuisine in all of their dishes.

At Manifesto, your experience is very important. Manifesto wants to transport you with their food to the Amalfi Coast, with the largest Italian wine list in Ireland. All of their staff have a very good knowledge of Italian Cuisine and are Italian or love Italian food.

See Manifesto’s full menu here.