Dublin Secures Prestigious Title as European Capital of Smart Tourism

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The European Commission, headquartered in Brussels, recently declared Dublin the European Capital of Smart Tourism. This recognition stems from Dublin’s adept incorporation of leading Smart Tourism practices gleaned from collaborations with other cities and the unveiling of its comprehensive five-year tourism strategy, marked by a robust emphasis on innovation.

Expressing his elation at Dublin’s triumph, Richard Shakespeare, Chief Executive of Dublin City Council, underscored the city’s dedication to accessibility, inclusivity, and experiences for both locals and visitors. He emphasized how Dublin’s Smart Tourism initiative, initiated in 2019, facilitated a dynamic exchange of ideas with leading European cities, fostering the integration of best practices into the city’s operations, as evident in its new Tourism Strategy 2023-2023.

Shakespeare affirmed, “We will proudly use this designation as a platform to deliver an innovative approach to tourism for Dublin.” Recognizing the economic significance of tourism globally, smart tourism emerges as a pivotal focus area for any modern, forward-thinking city.

Smart tourism, as defined by the European Union, revolves around facilitating and accessing tourism and hospitality offerings, spaces, services, and experiences through Information and Communications Technology (ICT)-based tools.

Dublin’s victory over its contenders can be attributed to compelling experiences such as EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum and digital innovations exemplified by the Dublin Discovery Trails App. The European Commission judging panel, while acknowledging Dublin’s rich history, culture, and creativity, commended the city’s strategic vision for smart tourism and commitment to sustainability.

Highlighted as a city actively involving its residents in decision-making, Dublin has not only created a destination resonating with its people but has also embraced innovation wholeheartedly. The panel expressed admiration for Dublin’s networking initiatives with previous winners, signifying a dedication to collaboration, leadership, and innovation that embodies a distinctly European spirit.

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Paul Micheau
Paul Micheau
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