Dublin: Fringe Festival 2021 – Theatre, Art, Dance, Music, Magic

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Dublin city is a hotspot for unique talent and all sorts of independent art. This year, the annual Fringe Festival returns, transforming the city streets into a stage. From 11-26 September, the city welcomes creative talent from all corners of the globe. Here’s what you can expect from this year’s festival:


Changing the Sheets, Smock Alley Theatre

By Harry Butler

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Daragh Cogley

What happens after the bedroom door closes? Follow Robert and Patti’s post-intimacy conversations in this comedy play.

17 September, 2:30pm and 6pm
18 September, 1pm and 6pm
19 September, 6pm and 9pm

Tickets €12/€14

Eleanora Salter and the Monster From the Sea, Bewley’s Café Theatre

By Jane Madden and Clodagh Mooney Duggan

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Cait Fahey

The visual and auditory tale of a lonely lighthouse keeper who finds supernatural romance with a mysterious voice on her radio. 

15 September 8pm
16 September 1pm and 8pm
17 September 1pm and 8pm
18 September 1pm and 8pm

Tickets €13/€15

Autistic License, Bewley’s Café Theatre

By Ian Lynam

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Stephen Piece

A stand up comedy show exploring many aspects of autism. From diagnosis to romance, sexuality and creativity, Ian proves that autistic people have much more to offer than just their intelligence.

21 September 8pm
22 September 8pm
23 September 8pm
24 September 1pm and 8pm
25 September 1pm and 8pm

Tickets €13/€15

Narcissus, Smock Alley Theatre

By Archway and Tasteinyourmouth

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Allie Whelan

An exploration of friendship and what could be more than friendship. A young man reflects on his life, focusing on beauty, love, sex and fame, told through his relationship with his two friends.

14 September 6pm
1618 September 9pm
19 September 2pm

Tickets €12/€14

Tonic, Dublin Castle outside the Printworks
Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Stuart Bradfield

Set in 2047, the world is in chaos following a rift between the world’s superpowers. Along comes a miracle tonic, Halcyon, which promises to restore the mind and body to how they were during the good old days of the 2020s.

11, 1319 September 8:30pm
Tickets €14/€16

TEET, Smock Alley Theatre

Paul Currie

Dublin Fringe Festival
Paul Currie

A stand-up comedy performance from Paul Currie attempting to expose how we are all still suckling & biting on the teet of Mother Nature.

1518 September 9:30pm
18 September 1:30pm

Tickets €13/€15

I Feel You Apart From Me, remote experience
Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Emer Heatley

Join this audio event from the comfort of your home over Whatsapp. This story is delivered directly to you through a series voice notes sent throughout the day, tapping into the feeling of missing the people, places and experiences that were once much more accessible.

11–26 September, starting at 10pm
Tickets €5

Heave, remote experience

by Orla Graham and Seón Simpson

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Cait Fahey

Join this online stream as Saorla encounters the difficulties of a post-lockdown world. This is a film/theatre hybrid addressing the brutal reality of long-distance relationships in the digital age.

2123 September 7pm (tickets €12)
2426 September on demand (tickets €10)

Where Sat The Lovers, Project Arts Centre

By Malaprop

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Ste Murray

A new piece of live theatre addressing mental health issues, seeing meaning where there is none, facing an overwhelming world and trying to make sense of it all.

23 September 6:30pm 6:30pm
24 & 25 September 1pm and 6:30pm
Tickets €14/€16

You’re Still Here, Dublin Castle outside the Printworks

By Murmuration

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Ellius Grace

A story of two siblings, Sam and Niamh, who have moved back to their family home and begin falling back into old habits and routines. Life for the two sisters changes when their brother Jack returns home after disappearing more than half a lifetime ago. Watch as the family dynamic develops over the course of this 40-minute heartfelt performance.

22 September 7:30pm
2326 September 6pm and 7:30pm
Tickets €12/€14


Glisten, Smock Alley Theatre

By Isabella Oberländer

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Frank Carlin

A dance performance involving “alienation, otherness and sweaty dancing”.

16 September 6:30pm
17 September 1:30pm and 6:30pm
18 September 6:30pm

Tickets €11/€12

Music and Dance

Fehdah, Project Arts Centre Upstairs
18 September 9pm
Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Abe Neihum

Future-afro soul vocalist, producer and multi-instrumentalist Fehdah delivers an intimate live performance.

Tickets €14/€16

The Veiled Ones, Samuel Beckett Theatre

By Junk Ensemble

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Fionn McCann

A dance performance for young audiences exploring witches, transformations and the powerful relationship between a grandparent and grandchild. This performance is loosely inspired by Roald Dahl’s The Witches. With a cast of internationally acclaimed dancers, young performers and live musicians, audiences are guided through a set of intricately designed rooms.

10 September 4pm and 7pm
11 September 12pm and 7pm
12 September 12pm and 7pm
13 September 4pm and 7pm
Tickets €8/€12


Dublin 8, Yer Lookin Great, Swifts Alley
Dublin Fringe Festival
Emmalene Blake

Dublin street artist Emmalene Blake creates a new mural inspired by the ideas and advice of children from the area, based on their idea of “what makes Dublin 8 great”.

You Are Magic, streets of Dublin

By Alicia Eggert

Dublin Fringe Festival
Image by Blake Weld

A large scale, interactive inflatable sculpture designed to encourage connection between people. Two people touch the handprint sensors and through holding each other’s hands, the sculpture begins to inflate. The longer participants hold hands, the larger the sculpture grows. Upon releasing their hands, the circuit is broken and the sculpture deflates.

This sculpture will be making an appearance all around the city.

11-26 September 12pm-7pm

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