Don’t be a Stick in the Mud! Electric Picnic Kicks-Off This Weekend

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As summer gradually bids us farewell and the autumn breeze begins to weave its way through the trees, music lovers and festival enthusiasts are gearing up for one of the most anticipated events of the year: Set to take place from Friday, September 1st, to Sunday, September 3rd, Electric Picnic festival promises a joyous weekend for those looking to enjoy the last bit of good weather, the event will feature some of the world’s biggest musical stars.

A Stellar Lineup

Electric Picnic has always been known for curating a lineup that caters to a wide range of musical tastes, and this year is no exception. From pop to rock, electronic to indie, the festival offers a little something for everyone. The headliners for each day alone are enough to make any music aficionado’s heart race with excitement.

  • Friday: Kicking off the weekend on a high note, the headliners for Friday are none other than the sensational Billie Eilish and the charming Niall Horan. Billie Eilish’s genre-blurring music has captured the hearts of millions, while Niall Horan’s solo career has solidified his position as a remarkable artist in his own right.
  • Saturday: The second day of the festival promises a musical journey led by the soulful Paolo Nutini and the innovative Fred Again. Paolo Nutini’s gravelly voice and heartfelt lyrics are bound to create an intimate atmosphere, while Fred Again’s genre-bending electronic soundscapes will have the crowd dancing like never before.
  • Sunday: As Electric Picnic nears its grand finale, Sunday’s headliners are nothing short of legendary. The energetic performances of The Killers and Ireland’s very own The Script will close the festival on a high-energy note, leaving festival-goers with memories that will linger long after the last chords have faded.

Weather Outlook

With the festival scheduled for the first weekend of September, many attendees are naturally curious about the weather conditions they can expect. According to current forecasts, the weather for the weekend is anticipated to be relatively favourable. With temperatures ranging from 13 to 22 degrees, festival-goers can look forward to comfortable conditions that won’t overshadow their experience.

The festival is only a few days away so pack your tents, gather your friends, and prepare to be swept away by the beauty of Stradbally —Electric Picnic is a weekend that celebrates the joy of music and so much more.

Electric Picnic Festival 2023
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