Discover the Wonders of the New Book of Kells Experience

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The Book of Kells Experience at Trinity College, Dublin, offers an unparalleled journey through time, inviting guests to become fully engrossed in the intricate creative design and rich historical background of the renowned Book of Kells. This 90 to 120-minute adventure promises a captivating exploration of not only the ancient manuscript but also the Old Library, the Long Room, and a host of multimedia exhibits that bring history to life.

The Book of Kells & Old Library

The journey begins at the heart of Trinity College, where visitors delve into the sacred pages of the Book of Kells. This 1,200-year-old manuscript, renowned for its intricate illustrations and profound symbolism, takes center stage. Visitors can closely examine the current pages on display and gain insights into the manuscript’s artistry and historical significance. An audio guide, featuring commentary from Trinity experts, which provides visitors with a deeper understanding of the Book of Kells.

Gaia in the Long Room

Continuing the adventure, visitors encounter “Gaia,” an illuminated artwork by Luke Jerram. Displayed in the Old Library, Gaia showcases detailed NASA imagery of Earth’s surface, presenting the planet in three dimensions as seen from space. This stunning piece serves as a bridge between the ancient manuscript and contemporary perspectives on our world.

Secret Life of the Collections

In the Secret Life of the Collections, where stories and artifacts come to life magically, the exploration takes a magical turn. Vibrant sculptures, such as those of Rosalind Franklin, Jonathan Swift, and Ada Lovelace, engage with guests to create an experience that brings the historical treasures to life.

Book of Kells 360

Prepare to be transported through time and space with the Book of Kells 360—an extraordinary voyage in light and sound that narrates the ancient masterpiece’s history. While caution is advised for those sensitive to light or motion, the journey promises to be a visually stunning and educational experience.

Long Room Reimagined

The grand finale awaits as visitors step into a reimagined Long Room. Through breathtaking digital projections, this space provides a unique blend of the past and the future, offering a glimpse into the evolution of knowledge and the enduring legacy of the Book of Kells.

Early Bird Offers

For those eager to embark on this historical odyssey, the Book of Kells Experience offers enticing early bird offers. Whether opting for the 90-minute basic tour or the extended 120-minute journey that includes Trinity Trails, visitors can secure their tickets at discounted rates here, starting from €21.50.

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