‘Cool’ Summer: How to Dress Like a True ‘Swiftie’ at Tay-Tay’s Aviva Stadium Shows Next Year!

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As we know, Taylor Swift currently finds herself amid a massive blockbuster phase. The pop superstar’s new relationship with American footballer Travis Kelce has created a media frenzy in recent weeks.

In addition to this, the “Eras Tour” concert film made its way to cinemas just last Friday, following a sparkling premiere hosted by the pop icon in Los Angeles.

Wearing a strapless Oscar de la Renta gown, the “Cruel Summer” diva seemed to be paying tribute to her “1989” era. While there’s no need for fans to deck themselves out in high-end designer fashion, it’s still an opportunity to have a little fun. Whether going to the cinema or lucky enough to have tickets for the real deal, fans have an opportunity to pay homage to their favourite Taylor Swift album through their outfit choices. Each of her albums has its distinct style, and in picking an outfit, Swifties can step into the world of their favourite album.

Let’s look at what you could wear to the “Eras Tour” based on Taylor’s discography:

“Taylor Swift” (2006): Classic Country-Chic

If Taylor’s debut album is your favourite, you’re likely a fan of her classic country era. To embody the essence of this album which introduced us to her first big hit ‘Love Story’, go for a classic, timeless look. A flowy floral sundress paired with cowboy boots will do the trick. Add a cowboy hat and a leather belt for additional whimsy!

“Fearless” (2008): Romantic and Dreamy

“Fearless” marked a turning point in Taylor’s career, and it’s a favourite for many fans. To channel the romantic and dreamy vibes of this album, opt for a delicate, vintage-inspired dress with lace details. A pair of ballet flats and a heart-shaped locket necklace will add to the charm.

“Red” (2012): Bold and Passionate

“Red” brought us a bolder, fierier Taylor. Lots of revenge style hits like ‘We are never getting back together’ appear on this album. To emulate the emotions of this album, choose an outfit that’s bright and dramatic! A stylish red jumpsuit or a vibrant red dress will make a statement. Combine it with bold accessories like statement earrings and a bright red lip.

“1989” (2014): Pop Icon Glam

“1989” marked Taylor’s official transition to pop music, and the fashion followed suit. To channel the glam of this era, go for a trendy, edgy look. High-waisted shorts or a miniskirt paired with a crop top and ankle boots will capture the essence of “1989.” Accessorise with bold sunglasses and a choker necklace. Don’t forget to rock that red lipstick!

6. “Reputation” (2017): Dark and Edgy

“Reputation” brought a darker, edgier side to Taylor’s image. To mirror the mystique of this album, choose an all-black ensemble. A black leather jacket, skinny jeans, and combat boots will give you that tough yet stylish look. Add some edgy accessories like studded bracelets and a choker with an attitude. Smokey eye makeup is a must to complete the vibe of “Reputation”.

7. “Lover” (2019): Romantic Pastels

“Lover” was all about romance and pastel colours. To capture the whimsy and love of this album, opt for a pastel-coloured midi dress or a skirt with a light, airy blouse. Add some romantic elements with floral hair accessories and heart-shaped earrings.

8. “Folklore” (2020) and “Evermore” (2020): Cozy and Folk-Inspired

If you’re a fan of Taylor’s folk albums, you’ll want a cozy and folk-inspired outfit. Choose a chunky knit sweater, denim jeans, and comfortable boots. Accessorise with a pendant necklace and earthy tones. Consider adding a cozy cardigan for a laid-back, folk-inspired look that’s perfect for a “Folklore” or “Evermore” concert.

There are no rules for what works when putting together your tour look, so mix and match between eras. Besides, since many of these items can easily find their way into your daily beauty routine or wardrobe, there’s no wrong way to go about it!

Taylor Swift brings her epic ‘Eras’ World Tour to Dublin’s Aviva Stadium for 3 nights – June 28, 29, 30 – in 2024.

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