Come Together to Remember: Mater Hospital Foundation’s Annual Remember Me Walk

In the serene setting of St. Anne’s Park, Dublin, an annual tradition awaits— a gathering where hearts unite to remember those who have departed but remain eternally alive in our memories. On Sunday, 26th November, at 11 am, a collective tribute unfolds as participants walk together in solidarity, love, and remembrance.

The Mater Hospital Foundation’s Remember Me Walk is not just a stroll through nature; it is a 5km fundraising journey, a collective tribute to those loved and lost. In the midst of the park’s beauty, cherished memories are carried in the hearts of each participant every step of the way.

This event welcomes participants of all ages and abilities, fostering an inclusive atmosphere of shared remembrance. For those who prefer a shorter path, a specially designed route ensures that everyone can participate at their own pace.

What makes this annual walk even more significant is its purpose— all funds raised will be dedicated to supporting vital End-of-Life-Care services at the Mater Public Hospital. By participating, individuals contribute to a cause that brings comfort, care, and compassion to those navigating the challenging final stages of life.

In the spirit of togetherness, this meaningful journey invites all to be part of a community bound by love, remembrance, and a shared commitment to making a positive impact. Walk in solidarity, remember with reverence, and let the echoes of love resonate through the beautiful grounds of St. Anne’s Park on the 26th of November.

Paul Micheau
Paul Micheau
Paul is a passionate travel writer and seasoned content creator, with a flair for storytelling. He has developed a keen eye for capturing the essence of places and experiences. Armed with a degree in Entrepreneurship and Management. Paul brings a strategic approach to his work, ensuring that each piece of content he creates resonates with audiences and leaves a lasting impression. Paul is also the founder and head of content for the popular 'IsItWorthIt' channel.

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