Christmas has Landed at Emerald Park!

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Christmas has arrived at Emerald Park, and it’s time for your family to get involved in the fun adventure which is guided by Santa’s head elf, Jingles. Get ready to step into the whimsical world of Elf-Land, where the holiday spirit is in full swing. Here’s what you can expect from this wonderful Christmas experience:

1. Post Office 📮 The journey begins at the Elf-land post office, where you’ll have the chance to meet Santa’s trusted head elf, Jingles. Here, you can take a moment to post your Christmas list directly to Santa himself, ensuring he knows exactly what’s on your heart’s desire this holiday season.

2. Elfie Station 🤳 Help Jingles check in on Click at the Elfie station. Click is known for their penchant for making TikToks and occasionally being fashionably late for work. Get ready to join in the elfie fun and capture some unforgettable moments on camera!

3. Wishitarium 💫 “When you wish upon a star…” You’ll meet Luna, a relaxed elf who invites you to gaze up at the night sky and search for a special shooting star. Don’t forget to make a wish, as the magic of the Wishitarium is sure to bring a suprise.

4. Toy Testing 🎁 Ever wondered how Santa’s elves ensure the toys are perfect for every child? Bréagáin, one of Santa’s dedicated elves, will reveal the secrets of toy testing. You’ll discover that it’s an incredibly important job in Elf-land and gain a newfound appreciation for the craftsmanship that goes into each gift.

5. Reindeer Stables 🦌 Meet Snowy, your friendly guide to the world of reindeers. You’ll learn about Santa’s magical reindeer and even have the opportunity to take home some special Santa-approved reindeer food. It’s a chance to get up close and personal with the reindeer that make Santa’s sleigh fly!

6. Naughty or Nice List 📖 The moment of truth has arrived. Tricky, one of Santa’s elves, will reveal whether you’ve made it onto the naughty or nice list this year. Fingers crossed that your good deeds throughout the year have secured your spot on the nice list.

7. Santa’s Visit 🎅 The grand finale of this magical journey through Elf-land is your private visit with the one and only Santa Claus. Santa will have a special gift for all the children who have been nice throughout the year. Gather around as Santa spreads his holiday cheer with a hearty “Ho, Ho, Ho!”

Dates of Emerald Parks Christmas Experience

  • November: 24th – 26th
  • December: 1st – 3rd, 8th – 10th, 15th – 23rd

Christmas prices

0-1 years€11€9
2-4 years€25.50€21
5-12 years€33.50€27
If you would like to purchase tickets you can do so here.
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