Ireland’s Most Unique Driving Experience

Travel2ireland has you covered if you’re searching for a truly one-of-a-kind driving experience, whether you’re looking for a unique gift for that special someone or just want to cruise around in a beautiful car. The Caterham Supersport will undoubtedly turn heads.

unique driving experience Ireland

The Caterham Supersport: A Marvel of Design

Imagine slipping into the driver’s seat of the Caterham Supersport, a masterful creation designed to captivate hearts and minds. This extraordinary car is equipped with plush leather seats that promise utmost comfort during your drive. Safety meets style with the inclusion of 4-point harnesses that ensure you’re securely in place while embracing the thrill of the road. The lowered floors for both the driver and passenger add to the overall experience, allowing you to relish every mile with unbridled enthusiasm.

Whether the sun is beaming or raindrops are dancing on the windshield, the Caterham Supersport has you covered. Fitted with a 2-speed heater and a full hood, this car defies weather constraints, ensuring that you can enjoy your driving experience regardless of what Mother Nature has in store. The car’s sleek and striking red exterior is a sight to behold, an embodiment of elegance and performance.
Boasting comfortable leather seats, 4 point harnesses and lowered floors for both passenger and driver means the car can be enjoyed for miles. The car is fitted with a 2 speed heater and supplied with a full hood so no matter what the weather you can still enjoy your experience. The Caterham Supersport is painted in a stunning red with a quick release steering wheel, and powered by a 1.6 Ford Sigma engine with 140bhp and a 0-60 of 5.5s.

unique driving experience Ireland

Se7ens Car Hire is based on the outskirts of Belfast, located at the Gateway to the Causeway Coast & Glens, however the car is available to rent anywhere in Ireland. Se7ens are a family run business, passionate about cars and the beautiful Caterham 7.  The Caterham is a specialist lightweight sports car which offers the driver a return to the simplicity of pure, exhilarating driving.  A classic, open top car made for exploring.

The price to rent the car for a full day between the months of (Nov-Mar) is €118.95. While the car will cost you €237.95 between the months of (Apr-Oct) for a full day and €177.95 for a half day.

If you would like to rent the car you can find all details at the website linked below.



1. Can I rent the Caterham Supersport for more than a day?

Absolutely! Se7ens Car Hire offers flexible rental options. You can rent the Caterham Supersport for a full day or even for a half day, depending on your preference.

2. Is the Caterham Supersport suitable for long drives?

Certainly! The car’s comfortable leather seats, combined with its advanced features and design, make it ideal for both short exhilarating bursts and long scenic drives, ensuring your comfort and enjoyment throughout your journey.

3. Can I rent the Caterham Supersport for a special occasion or event?

Yes, the Caterham Supersport can add a touch of elegance and excitement to any special occasion or event. Whether it’s a birthday, anniversary, or simply a day of indulgence, driving the Caterham Supersport is a memorable way to celebrate.

4. How do I book the Caterham Supersport?

Booking the Caterham Supersport is easy. You can find all the details, pricing, and availability on Se7ens Car Hire’s website. Simply visit the provided link to embark on your unforgettable driving experience.

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