Bitter Rivals Dublin and Kerry Set to Collide on Sunday in the 2023 All-Ireland Final Showdown

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As the emerald fields of Ireland brace for an extraordinary spectacle this weekend, anticipation is reaching a fever pitch as Dublin and Kerry prepare to clash in the much-anticipated 2023 All-Ireland Final. A thrilling and storied rivalry will be reignited.

Dublin and Kerry share a rivalry that stretches back through the annals of Gaelic football history. These two giants of the sport have faced off in numerous epic clashes that have defined generations of Irish football fans. The stakes are always high when these two teams meet, but the 2023 final promises to be an even greater spectacle due to their recent history of intense encounters.

Dublin and Kerry last met in last year’s All-Ireland Semi-Final, when Kerry came out on top by a point after a thrilling tie at Croke Park. 

Dessie Farrell’s men then beat Mayo in the All-Ireland Quarter-final, before getting past Monaghan in the last four to reach this year’s final.

While Kerry secured wins over Tyrone and Derry in the All-Ireland Quarter-Final and Semi-Final respectively to see the Kingdom reach the All-Ireland Final.

If you are not lucky enough to have tickets to the final the game will be shown live on RTÉ 2, with live updates also available on the Dublin GAA Twitter page.

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What: All-Ireland Football Final

Where: Croke Park

When: Sunday 30th July (3:30 pm)

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