Attention Pizza Aficionadoughs! Galway’s Dough Bros Ascends to 15th Place in World’s Best Pizza Rankings


In the heart of Galway, The Dough Bros are making waves once again, securing its coveted position among the world’s pizza elite. This beloved pizzeria, founded by brothers Ronan and Eugene Greaney in 2013, has not only become a local institution but has now claimed the 15th spot on Big 7 Travel’s highly regarded World’s Best Pizza list—a remarkable climb of over 20 places.

The Dough Bros has been a consistent presence in both European and global rankings, a testament to its unwavering commitment to crafting exceptional pizzas. The brothers’ culinary journey began eight years ago, and since then, their passion for perfecting the art of pizza-making has earned them international acclaim.

Big 7 Travel, in particular, commended The Dough Bros for its distinctive approach to ingredients. The pizzeria’s fusion of authentic Italian elements with locally sourced produce creates a culinary experience that resonates with pizza enthusiasts worldwide. This nod from the renowned travel platform solidifies The Dough Bros’ reputation as a top-tier, family-run establishment.

The Greaney brothers have not only elevated Galway’s culinary scene but have also become ambassadors for the rich tradition of artisanal pizza. Their rise in the global rankings reflects not only their dedication to the craft but also the quality of the dining experience they offer. As The Dough Bros continues to redefine pizza excellence, Galway proudly cements its place on the international gastronomic map.


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