An Inclusive Art Festival for Young Audiences – That’s Sm(All) Folk for You

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Axis has launched its inaugural Sm(ALL) Folk Festival. It’s an inclusive arts festival for young audiences with a focus on accessibility and affordability, aiming to reach children of all backgrounds and abilities. Axis Ballymun is a centre for excellence with community at its heart, a venue and a resource for the community and its city.

The festival started on February 27th and is on till the 31st of March. It has various events – like storytelling sessions, The Teddy Bears’ Picnic and School Shows.

Performers on stage at the Sm(ALL) Folk Festival with props like ships and birds
Jess Rowell in association with Draíocht, Blanchardstown present Making Waves. An immersive multi-sensory dance theatre performance designed specifically for children aged 8 to 13 years with mild to more complex needs.

What can you expect at the Sm(ALL) Folk Festival?

The answer is all sorts of creative, imaginative and very thoughtfully planned events.

Take for example, The Teddy Bears’ Picnic. It’s funded by The Arts Council and supported by Riverbank Arts Centre and  RTÉ Supporting the Arts.

There’s also an event called MORA. What will it entail? Sprites, magic teapots with calming solutions, teabags with lovely scents… MORA is a new performance for 0-4 years inclusive.

Parents planning to attend the Sm(ALL) Folk Festival may also find WhistleBlast Quartet very engaging for their kids. It’s a unique WhistleBlast performance of Mussorgsky’s wonderful symphony Pictures at an Exhibition, musically arranged by the quartet’s own much loved Dr Kenneth Edge, accompanied by a multimedia video including paintings relating to each musical movement. 

But there’s more. Check out Captain Splash’s Eggsellent Adventure at the festival too.

This is a show the whole family will treasure. Aimed at children aged 3-8.

Written and performed by Jeff Keough, the creator of the hit show ‘Jackula‘. Jeff has performed at the White House, Leinster House, and his daughter’s Senior Infant Class. Jeff has appeared on RTE, national television in the USA, and performed to over 11 million people over the course of his 30 year career.

Also worth mentioning is AdoleTA!

Two performers at the Folk Festival wearing costumes and dressed as flowers

AdoleTA! is a dance theatre piece that joyously explores friendship and play. Through play, two friends overcome differences and together imagine, create and expand their reality and yours.

Suitable for pre-school / school children aged 3-6.

If all of the above has caught your fancy, you can find out more about the Sm(ALL) Folk Festival here.

And do keep an eye out – we will be bringing to your notice all kinds of events, and happenings. Including a heads-up on musical gigs, like our piece here.

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