A Night of Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo


This week Rebecca Kelly, guest contributor from Every Where We Go headed off to Dublin Zoo to see the Wild Lights display with her two daughters, Aria and Emilia. Here’s what they thought of the night:

On Monday night, the family and I set out for Phoenix Park and Wild lights at Dublin Zoo, it was our first time to attend so we didn’t know what to expect and what we got was pure joy. Wild lights took us on a journey around the world from London to Australia. Aria favoured Mexico as it features Dias de los Muertos and reminded her of the movie Coco. Emilia loved the colours of India, and Paris was pretty spectacular with the Moulin Rouge and the Eiffel Tower.  

To be sure you have a good night, I would recommend booking an early session, and if you have smallies bring a buggy as Aria started to get tired half way through. There are plenty of places to eat and drink with picnic tables still available. Because it’s outdoors, masks are not needed and hand sanitiser stations are plentiful. They sell glow sticks for €8 but they are only sold in one shop at the beginning, so I would buy them then – otherwise you may hear about it for the whole journey. All in all it was a 10/10 for us it, ticking the boxes for all ages. Whether you are six or 60, it’s a fabulous night out for all.

The Wild Lights experience is on until 9 January 2022, so there’s plenty of time to visit with the family. Click here to book your tickets.

Ticket prices:

Children (under 3 years old)
Children (aged 3-15)

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