4 of Dublin’s Most Unique Activities

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1 – The Dublin Literary Pub Crawl

Dublin’s long literary history continues to influence the city’s identity. Samuel Beckett, Oscar Wilde, and other well-known authors previously walked the city’s streets, and their works are still praised today. Participate in a pub crawl with a difference, a literary pub crawl, to embrace this literary heritage.

Led by passionate guides who double as actors, these crawls take you on a literary journey through the city’s historic pubs. Listen to entertaining recitations of iconic works and anecdotes about the writers themselves, all while enjoying a pint of the finest Irish stout. Literary pub crawls cost €16 and can be booked here.

2 – Jameson Bow St. Distillery Tour

Founded by John Jameson in 1780, today the former factory stands as a monument to Irish Whiskey. Visit Jameson Distillery Dublin for the World’s leading distillery tours, cocktail-making classes, premium whiskey-tasting sessions or to learn how to blend your own whiskey. All topped off with a Whiskey at Jameson’s centerpiece bar, straight from the proverbial source. There are multiple tours to choose from and prices start at €26, tickets are available to book here.

3 – Salt Cave Paradise

Nestled in the picturesque coastal town of Balbriggan, Dublin lies a hidden gem that offers a unique and rejuvenating experience – “Salt Cave Paradise”. This enchanting sanctuary is designed to transport visitors to a world of relaxation and wellness, drawing upon the healing properties of the Himalayan Black Salt of Transylvania. Salt therapy is safe and suitable for people of all ages. Whether you’re an adult seeking relaxation or a parent seeking relief for your child’s respiratory ailments, Salt Cave offers an inclusive and holistic approach to well-being. Balbriggan’s Salt Cave also offers visitors the opportunity to take a dip in an ice bath, relax in the sauna and unwind in the outdoor jacuzzi. A truly unique experience on the outskirts of Dublin! If you would like to book in an session you can do so here.

4 – Zero Latency

Zero latency is a cutting-edge and exhilarating activity that takes immersive entertainment to a whole new level. Unlike traditional virtual reality experiences, zero latency offers a fully wireless and untethered VR gaming adventure, allowing participants to move freely within a vast virtual world. Equipped with high-tech headsets, backpacks, and state-of-the-art motion tracking technology, players can engage in thrilling cooperative games, battling hordes of zombies, exploring alien landscapes, or embarking on epic adventures together. This fun and unique activity transport participants into a hyper-realistic realm, where their actions directly impact the virtual environment, creating a truly immersive and unforgettable gaming experience

Dublin unique activities to do
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