The 100ml Limit on Liquids Ended in Shannon Airport

Shannon Airport Security
100ml Rule Ended at Shannon and Donegal

Passengers travelling from Shannon Airport will no longer have a 100ml restriction on liquids and gels in hand baggage. During the past year Shannon Airport has installed state-of-the art security screening for passengers’ hand and checked baggage.

100ml Limit on Liquids Ended in Shannon Airport

In addition, the new microwave 3D security screening also means that passengers no longer need to remove laptops, tablets, electronic items, baby food in cabin baggage. The time, that passengers spend going through Shannon Airport Security, is expected to be halved. Security at Shannon will be able to screen more than 2,000 passengers an hour.  

The new screening technology was installed in the airport last October, when the number of passengers travelling was reduced by the Covid-19 restrictions. The installation involved over 20 tonnes of equipment carried on 10 arctic trucks.

It is only becoming relevant now as the numbers of passengers travelling increases. Shannon Airport handled over 21,000 passengers in the past ten days over the St. Patrick’s holiday. Donegal Airport has already installed the baggage screening for its two services to Dublin and Glasgow last May.  

In Shannon Airport the €2.5m investment in the state-or-the-art security screening system reduces the time taken to get through the airport. It speeds up journeys for passengers, allowing time to relax more. Shannon Airport has also installed 3D body-scanners that can give instant results and eliminate the need for full body hand searches. 

No Need To Unpack Hand Baggage

Passengers can put coats and jackets in the tray with cabin baggage, and depending on style of footwear, you may not be required to remove them. The size of the baggage trays at Shannon Airport have been increased; most airlines will allow cabin bags weighing up to 10kg. 

If passengers are transiting at other airports, they will need to comply with the local regulations for onward journeys. Which means virtually every other airport, as Shannon and Donegal in Ireland are the leaders in this new screening technology.

Newstalk Interview

On Monday 21 March, Joan Scales was on Newstalk, Lunchtime Live with Andrea Gilligan explaining how the new security system operates in Shannon. Here is a link to the Newstalk interview.

Side by side with the new security screening system, Shannon Airport has also invested in a new security screening facility for checked bags. The overall investment by the Shannon Group is €17m.  

Mary Considine, CEO of Shannon Group said, “we are very proud of this project which uses cutting-edge technology. The new system is expected to considerably shorten the dwell time in the airport’s security screening area. We are very grateful for the support we have received from the Department of Transport to enable us carry out this project.”


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