We met Santa at EPIC, and had a ball!

Santa experience - Santa has two women beside him on either side and two children and they are all smiling

Ita Hendrick

If you’re thinking of a Santa visit for your little ones, you must read this. We had a most lovely day out at EPIC (The Irish Emigration Museum) – the children absolutely loved meeting Mr Claus and the lead up to it all.

Here’s how it all began. We were greeted by one of Santa’s assistants, who explained everything about the Santa experience to us. What it entailed, what would the visit be like…

My grandsons were given a sheet with tasks for them to complete and it was so exciting because each task was about a different winter tradition. It was like a secret mission for the kids – they were out to decode the clues!

As you can imagine, it got the kids very happy and they followed every instruction and task on the list. There were also a lot of Santa’s elves on hand – just in case, the kids needed any help. We particularly found Ginger Snaps, who was the chief elf, very helpful. The kids just loved her.

There’s a magical tunnel with fairies and the children were told to look out for creatures and objects of all kinds and all these details went into their sheets. There were Yule goats, spiders, and even kangaroos – different animals and creatures who help Santa with his work in different parts of the world.

And oh, before I forget – there were also little stations where kids could colour and draw. This ensured that they could make their own decorations for the Christmas tree.

Once the tasks were completed, the kids got to meet Mrs Claus who gave them a magic bell to make a wish on and showed them how to do the bear dance.

Next stop was Santa, who was absolutely amazing. He spent a lot of time asking the kids questions about what was on their list and if they were being good. He also spoke Irish and gave both my grandchildren a gift to take home with them.

I have to say that we really enjoyed our visit and we got a lovely photo as a keepsake too. 

You can find more details about the Santa experience here.

(Ita was accompanied by her daughter Aoife, and her two little grandsons.)


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