The Return of The Winter Lights – To Twinkle Up Our Winter Nights!

The Lord Mayor of Dublin stands in front of winter lights that are switched on - rings and arches

Now, I for one, love the switching on of winter lights. It certainly makes the dark, winter evenings and nights sparkle with a bit of magic. Not only does it make the run up to Christmas special, it also helps to put us in the festive mood.

So if you are anything like me, you’d certainly love the fact that the Dublin City Council have switched the lights on. These lights will keep on twinkling till January 1st. Hurray!

So where can you see them? At one of the most popular locations of course – the Merrion Square Park for example. But what’s more, you will also get to see new installations in Smithfield Square, Dublin Docklands, Bridgefoot Street Park, The Spire and the River Liffey. In total, there are 16 sites across Dublin.

A Viking boat in the river Liffey - it is a part of the winter lights installation. The lights on the boat cast beautiful colours on the waters of the river, and in the background you see the buildings
The Liffey Viking Boat – a new installation for this year

Here are the locations where you can get to see the winter lights and installations, as well as take perfect pictures:

1. Liberties: Windmill Digital Hub
2. Liberties: Bridgefoot Street Park (New Location)
3. Smithfield Square (New installation)
4. Barnardo Square (Children’s Art Competition)
5. Millennium Bridge
6. Wolfe Tone Square (New Location)
7. Dublin Spire
8. O’Connell Street Monuments
9. Custom House
10. Triumphal Arch
11. Georges Dock (New Location)
12. Samuel Beckett Bridge
13. Seán O’Casey Bridge (New Location)
14. Liffey Viking Boat (New Installation)
15. Mansion House (4th Dec)
16. Merrion Square Park (1st Dec)

As you would know, Dublin Winter Lights is an event catering for all ages – so it’s perfect to take everyone along. Friends, family and more. This year’s programme will also feature designs from a team of talented artists.

The Lord Mayor of Dublin Caroline Conroy says: “Christmas really is a magical time for everyone and what better way to get you into the festive spirit than to visit this year’s Dublin Winter Lights. Whether you’re 5 or 85 I guarantee you’ll enjoy it. So come on into town, visit the lights and feel the magic this Christmas.”

It also important to note that for ‘Dublin Winter Lights’ 2022, Dublin City Council will have generators that use hydrotreated vegetable oil (HVO) as its fuel source for projections and installations. This will be the third year that Dublin City Council has successfully used these type of generators for its events. HVO is an alternative to fossil based diesel fuel.

In addition for 2022, where possible localised battery storage power will be used for some installations. The battery packs will charge during off peak hours, and the stored energy from the batteries will be used during peak hours to power projectors and installations, thus eliminating any additional draw on the grid during peak periods.

Simon Clarke, from Dublin City Council’s Events section says, “The introduction of battery packs as a power source for some installations, in addition to the use of HVO generators, and the commissioning of our enhanced lighting systems on Samuel Beckett Bridge and the light sails on Smithfield Square, confirms Dublin City Councils commitment to facilitating and delivering more energy efficient and environmentally sustainable events in the city centre.”

You can find all the information HERE – from the downloadable walking map, to further links on who this year’s artists are. Have fun, and we hope you create many happy, magical memories with your loved ones this festive season.


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