Move Over Guinness and Trinity, ‘Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour’ is the Capital’s New No.1 Visitor Attraction

Move over Guinness Storehouse, Book of Kells and…Dr Quirkey’s; there is, officially, a new best reason to visit Dublin.

The capital’s Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour has been ranked number 1 in the Top 20 Tourist Experiences in Northern Europe, by Viator, the world’s largest travel experiences marketplace.

The Dark Dublin tour is a 2-hour guided walking tour (as the name suggests!) around the capital’s ancient old walls; taking in the area around the Liberties, the two Cathedrals and Dublin Castle focusing on infamous forgotten sites and stories of medieval murder and all-round nastiness.

Amazingly, the tour outranked some pretty attractive attractions – including the Historical Pub Tour of London; the Golden Circle, Blue Lagoon and Kerid Volcanic Crater in Reykjavik; a high-speed boat tour of the River Thames; Liverpool’s Beatles tour; and even a tour of Loch Ness.

Viator’s communications director Adam Lawless said:

“No matter where you’re from, or where you’re going, one thing is clear–the hunger for unforgettable travel experiences has never been greater. What you do and see while travelling tends to leave a lasting mark.”

Ireland made the Top 20 twice, with the Cliffs of Moher ranked 9th most popular.

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Dark Dublin Guided Walking Tour 

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