Get your boots, and grab some great food!

colourful buildings and iconic street/s, pubs of Dublin

Through our stories, we have tried to bring you interesting updates on food, events, and places where the craic is simply great. By being a part of these experiences, events and shows, all of us get to experience Ireland, and its unique culture. And what really makes it tick.

So here’s one more experience for you to try out. A colleague recently took the Food On Foot Dublin Tour (you will find a reel on it on our official Instagram handle) and she thought it was simply amazing. Yet another way to experience Dublin, and the many unique things it has to offer.

As Kevin Adams, the man behind the Walking Food Tour says on the website – “To properly experience a culture one must  experience their cuisine.” Dublin is touted, and with good reason, as one of the friendliest cities in the world. It also has an amazing food and drink scene.

This tour concentrates on street eats enjoyed every day by locals. It promises a “good quality authentic experience” and that those on the tour “will eat just like Dubliners do.”

They make it clear that it’s not a fussy fine dining experience. You won’t be having lobster and champagne. All that you need, really, is to arrive hungry and you will go home happy! You will stop for five delicious street eats along your tour, and at least one will be a dessert stop.

We will leave you to discover it for yourself – what you can discover or rediscover about Dublin via taking a food tour. But my colleague was of the opinion that none of what she tried was touristy. It was all very delicious and all very authentic.


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