Further, Covid-19 Restrictions Cause Difficulties for Hospitality, Restaurants and Entertainment

Covid-19 Restrictions in ireland

The introduction of further Covid-19 restrictions is going to be difficult for the restaurants, hospitality and entertainment businesses in particular. Over the weekend many restaurants, and places of entertainment were trying to inform their customers of the new restrictions and how they would affect bookings. 

Further Covid-19 Restrictions

On Saturday Las Tapas de Lola in Dublin’s Wexford Street asked people to stop calling them as they were trying to serve customers. As did Glas on Chatham Street. Other restaurants also used social media to get the message out. Some restaurants, such as Hang Dai on Dublin’s Camden Street Tweeted that they are closing completely for indoor dining. 

The Irish Hotels Federation described the additional Covid-19 restrictions as a massive blow for hotels and guesthouses, saying they will have a devastating impact on hospitality businesses throughout the country. IHF President Elaina Fitzgerald Kane urged the Government to urgently intervene with immediate additional business and employment supports to sustain businesses into the New Year. 

Pantomimes, ticketed music and theatre events have been informing customers of the new timings. The country will be a ghost town after 8pm until at least the end of January. 

The following restrictions apply

Covid-19 Restrictions in ireland
No drinking after 8pm

Pubs and restaurants 

Pubs and restaurants must close at 8pm. This does not include take-away and delivery services. 


You must show proof of immunity to use the bar and restaurant in a hotel or guesthouse, if you are a registered guest. Restaurants and pubs in hotels can stay open after 8pm for overnight residents only. 

Indoor events 

No indoor events are allowed after 8pm. This includes cultural, sporting and community events. Attendance is limited to 1,000 people, or 50% of the venue’s capacity (whichever is lower). 

Organised outdoor events 

Attendance is limited to 5,000 people, or 50% of the venue’s capacity (whichever is lower). This includes sporting events. 


Wedding reception attendance is limited to 100 guests. Receptions must end at midnight. 

Close Contacts – changes 

Anyone who has received a Covid-19 vaccine booster at least one week ago must restrict their movement for five days and take three antigen tests. Those who have yet to receive a booster must restrict their movements for 10 days. 

Travel to Ireland  

All people arriving into Ireland must have an antigen or PCR negative Covid test. They will be asked to take an antigen test every day for five days after arrival. 

The latest restrictions will be in force until 30 January, 2022 and will be reviewed on 11 January, 2022.