In Celebration of International Women’s Day – A Tour About Trailblazing Irish Women

There are many ways to celebrate International Women’s Day, and we have given you a round-up of many events and celebrations taking place all across Ireland in honour of the day. Here’s another one for you to consider.

In the run up to International Women’s Day, EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum has curated a special tour. Called Rebels and Revolutionaries Tour, it’s about discovering the impact Irish women have had on the world.

In this tour, you will learn how Irish women overcame prejudice, stigma, laws, famine and more to go on to make a positive impact in the world. Hear the tales of trailblazers like Nellie Bly, pioneering investigative journalist; workers’ rights activist ‘Mother’ Mary Jones; Olympic gold medallist Sarah ‘Fanny’ Durack; WWII frontline hero Emma Duffin; ground-breaking scientist Dame Jocelyn Bell Burnell; and more.

Here are all the details should you be interested:

This tour will last 60 minutes and will be led by one of EPIC’s female tour guides, who will share the stories of the women they find most inspiring from our litany of over 300 EPIC figures. All details here.

Here’s wishing all women – a very happy International Women’s Day. (A tad in advance.) Here’s also hoping that we all celebrate, cherish and honour the women in our lives, not just for Women’s Day but also every day.

Prerna Shah
Prerna Shah
Prerna Shah is a media and content professional with over a decade of experience in both print as well as digital. She pursues her love of a good story and storytelling by writing features, blogs, essays and interviews.

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