Eat…Sleep…VR…Repeat! – Fatboy Slim Set to Play the Metaverse


For anyone who saw the recent Sky film documenting renowned DJ Fatboy Slim’s legendary Brighton Beach concert from 2002, when around 250,000 people turned up for an event planned for a fraction of that number, and was thinking such zany events were a thing of the past…think again!

You now have the chance to see him play to an infinite number of people at the end of this month – in the metaverse!

ENGAGE XR Holdings, the leading metaverse technology company, has announced that Norman Cook – aka Fatboy Slim – has created an immersive virtual reality concert experience, unlike any other VR concert held before, exclusively for ENGAGE.

The free event will be available for anyone to enjoy on 30 March 2023, with details on how to book at

According to the folks at ENGAGE XR: “The 45-minute adventure will take your avatar into the burrows of Fatboy Slim’s mind; starting at the drive-in diner, where you’ll begin the journey with friends and fans. When you aren’t dancing you can teleport through the virtual burrows of Norman’s mind for an unforgettable experience!” 

A trailer for the event is here:

This is the first concert to be held in ENGAGE, which is a feature-rich, multi-user metaverse platform for creatives, educators, and business professionals.

The virtual concert is best experienced in VR, on PCVR headsets or one of the latest standalone headsets such as Quest 2.

Mobile devices and standalone headsets released prior to 2020 are not supported.

David Whelan, CEO, ENGAGE XR, said: “What makes this different to other metaverse concerts is that this was built with VR in mind and is more than a glorified 10-minute non- interactive CGI promo video. This is a fully immersive concert experience where you will be joined with thousands of other concert goers enjoying Norman Cook’s back catalogue and original new mixes.

“What is really exciting is the fact we have not tried to replicate a real-world physical concert but instead are providing our concert goers with a unique experience they simply cannot get anywhere else other than inside the ENGAGE platform. You will visit places from Norm’s past, travel inside his head and even skydive at different parts of the experience.

“We don’t want to give away all the surprises just yet – however we fully expect that this landmark experience will make the music industry stand up and take notice. This is not just an evolution of how music will be enjoyed online this is a revolution.”


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