Bank Holiday Guide: Wild Lights at Dublin Zoo

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Back in all its dazzling glory, Wild Lights will take visitors on a magical adventure where they will see ‘the magic of life’.  

Over a thousand breathtaking, dazzling lanterns will portray a fascinating and important story by shining a light on biodiversity.

Dublin Zoo Wild Lights

Travel through the illuminated and magical woodland scenes before encountering the wondrous pollinators including giant bees and bee hives. See some of nature’s most amazing transformations from the metamorphosis of a caterpillar into a stunning butterfly to the intriguing cooperation between ants in a colony.

Discover the abundance and diversity of life in the tree tops of our rainforests and then dive underwater and witness some of the most beautiful sea creatures and the mesmerising coral – all lit up through magical hand-crafted traditional Chinese lanterns.

Through this transformation of Dublin Zoo visitors will have the opportunity to learn more about the Magic of Life and also the role they can play to help our planet.

Wild Lights will take place from 28th October 2022 – 9th January 2023

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