Ask Joan: What to Do For a Stag Day Out In Dublin

Zorg Ella - Escape Boat

I am planning a stag event in Dublin with my mates, 10 of us.  We like to do things as well as having a few drinks.  Can you suggest some activities we could do and maybe a place for food and drinks after? PMcG, Dublin. 

It is great to see stag and hen events returning after the long lockdown. One area of Dublin that may be ideal for your day out is the Grand Canal Dock area. There are a variety of activities available.   

Wakedock is a cable wake park where you can wakeboard or water-ski, without a boat.  It is very exciting with some great jumps to experience.  There is also kayaking and stand-up paddle-boarding available. They have group rates for stags, Wakedock

Is there a Sherlock Holmes among your friends? Test his knowledge on the Escape Boat at Grand Canal Dock. This is a fun event to try. There are two games to choose from SOS and Convicts. The live-action adventure means you have to work together to solve puzzles, crack codes, uncover mysteries on the barge Zorg Ella, book here, Escape Boats

When it comes to some fun eating and drinking then Brewdog on Capital Dock, is the perfect place for a group of lads.  This huge bar/restaurant has great views of the River Liffey, and outdoor areas.   

There a Beer School, where you can learn about beer brewing and do a guided tasting of the most popular beers.  You can see where the beers are brewed in the microbrewery. The food is American style with huge burgers and spicy chicken wings on the menu. Make a booking on Brewdog.

Brewdog Dublin – Beer School



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