The Ultimate Girls’ Night Out in Dublin – 5 (Very) Popular Options!

girls night out with food and drinks

Going out with girlfriends can be the ultimate mood enhancer. You get an opportunity to dress up, and also to leave partners, children, and any stress behind at home! Sometimes, those really fun parts of your personality only emerge when you are out with your girlfriends. So where can you go for a really amazing girl’s night out in Dublin?

Of course, Dublin being what it is offers plenty of opportunities and options for planning the ultimate girl’s night out. So many restaurants, bars, pubs and trendy spots to head out to in your best cocktail dresses and heels if you please.

But we have come up with these top five options because they are very popular and so worth it from all the reviews that we have gathered.

Café en Seine Restaurant and Late Bar

Café en Seine has been a great hit with Dubliners. Located on Dawson Street, and with a Parisian vibe, it makes for the perfect setting for getting together with your girlfriends.

Those beautiful gold interiors combined with the menu – with its gorgeous cocktails, lunch, brunch or dinner options – make it all very irresistible. Plus the food and the settings are so Instagram-friendly! We know that when you are having a girl’s night out, you also want some great pictures for your gram.

Check out these photographs below, and you will know what we are talking about.

The Grayson

Located on St. Stephen’s Green, The Grayson is simply all things bright, beautiful, comfortable and delicious.

It’s a perfect spot for lunch and brunch, and also for dinner and drinks on your girls night out. You can choose to be at the Atrium & Terrace for drinks and then book a table for your meal together at their upstairs restaurant. Trust us, you won’t be disappointed.

We can already imagine an unforgettable evening as you raise a toast to some great friendships in your life, and soak in the chilled out vibe at The Dawson. Don’t forget to tag us in your photographs when you take those lovely shots please!

Jackie’s Bar

This 90s-inspired bar finds favour with men and women alike. A line on their website sums up their vibe perfectly: ‘Established in 2021 but rared in the 90s’. Have a look at their creatively designed drinks menu (see below) and you will find yourself transported to a different world!

It seems just about perfect for your girl’s night out. So much so, that we think we are ready with what we would like to order! How about the Solero Pornstar and Pikachu Lemondrop to begin with? That can be followed by some craft beers or classics. You tell us what you would like because we are all ears.

A menu fashioned in the manner of a note book with little drawings

Farrier and Draper Bar

The Farrier and Draper Bar on South William Street, Dublin is spread over three floors, with each floor having its own distinct personality and décor. For a girl’s night out, you can reserve a table for drinks and order some great tapas to begin your evening.

The Farrier and Draper is known for its cocktails, and their in-house mixologist can conjure up the perfect drinks for you and your friends. Plus they often host masterclasses, and that’s not a bad idea either for your girly outing. Their gorgeous Georgian rooms are full of art deco inspiration and you could easily get some great shots out there. Plus if your outing is on the weekend, you can catch some energetic performances by their DJ.

We think signature cocktails, a masterclass, some tapas to share and lots of posing against the art deco-inspired backgrounds make for a 10 on 10 evenings. What say you?


Sophie’s Rooftop Restaurant offers some amazing views of Dublin as you drink and dine with your girlfriends. This makes our list of the ultimate places for a girl’s night out because Sophie’s Rooftop Restaurant has a good menu and an amazing array of cocktails, and that is teamed up with an unbeatable location and views.

Guests leave plenty of good reviews for its wood-fired pizzas and their signature cocktails (how about trying out ‘Sophie Doesn’t Know‘? A lovely cocktail that boasts of Hendrick’s, Lillet Rosé, lime, strawberry cucumber syrup, prosecco and rhubarb bitters. It’s certain to kickstart your evening and make you ask for more.)

These are some of our suggestions, but we are always looking out for more venues and exciting places to add to our list.

So if you have a tip for us, one that translates into a great girls’ night out, do write in. And there’s also an article about other fantastic places where you can raise a toast to your friendship.


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