Take a Walk – The Icon Walk, Dublin

Temple Bar is the mecca of tourists to Dublin with its assortment of bars, restaurants, hotels, and galleries. If you take a detour behind Fleet Street your eyes will be opened by an extraordinary street gallery, The Icon Walk.  

Take a Walk – The Icon Walk, Dublin

This is a public art installation that showcases original artwork by many different local artists depicting Irish icons from many disciplines 

Here you will find in the alleyways a gallery to the culture of Dublin. Displayed in the laneways is an assortment of characters, artists, playwrights, actors, sporting heroes, rock stars, fashion, music and humour. 

The Icon Walk has been endorsed by the city’s UNESCO City of Literature office. It is an important site for the celebration of Irish literary talent and culture. In 2010, Dublin was awarded the City of Literature status by UNESCO. 

Living Art Project

The Icon Walk is a living art project and it is associated with the Icon Factory, where you can purchase the images displayed. This walk is a good place to start your visit to Dublin with its compact insights into the culture and the arts of the city. It is also a good starting point before beginning exploring some of the many museums, galleries and exhibitions around the city. 

Some of the characters will be internationally famous, like James Joyce, Oscar Wilde, Samuel Beckett, Sinead O’Connor, and Dolores O’Riordan. Some of the images are known only to Irish people but are famous in their own sphere, such as local sportsmen. You can meet some of these Irish icons that have made a mark on our society, like Arctic explorer, Tom Crean, or Master McGrath Ireland’s most famous greyhound.

The Icon Factory is an artist’s cooperative, a not-for-profit collective based in the Temple Bar, Dublin. The Icon Factory is run entirely by artists and volunteers and it is dedicated to celebrating Ireland’s cultural heritage through the artistic creation of Icons.

Members of the artist’s cooperative produce images of icons of Irish culture for display on The Icon Walk. The artworks are reproduced and available in various forms in The Icon Factory. On sale are fine art prints, t-shirts, posters and other items bearing the reproduced iconic art to support The Icon Walk mission. 

Subjects covered on the Icon Walk include: 

1.Harry Clarke Stained Glass 
2. Irish Clothing since the 1920’s 
3. Folk and Traditional Music Revival 
4. Oddballs, Crackpots and Assorted Genius 
5. The Playwrights 
6. Great Moments of Irish Rock 
7. Poets and Novelists 
8. Irish Humour 
9. Irish Movie Actors 
10. The Wall of Irish Sport 

You can see a list of museums, galleries and exhibitions in Dublin at Visit Dublin.

Joan Scales
Joan Scales
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