Paint the town – Galway Launches Street Art Tour

A man looks at street art - his back is to the camera and the wall is covered with beautiful colours and patterns

Street art is fascinating, and most cities across the world have a wealth of street art and graffiti that truly reflects a city’s personality. It also helps to build a sense of community, besides infusing a city, its streets and building with a dash of colour and creativity!

Since street art is a great hit globally, most cities offer walks and tours centered around this theme. These are very popular with tourists as well as locals. And if you had always wanted to experience Galway and its unique and absolutely beautiful street art, we’ve something for you. And it’s free!

The Galway City Council is offering an interactive ‘Tour & Talk’ that will focus on the history, cultural value, and professional practice within street art on a local and national scale.

This event would benefit creatives, artists, and programmers who are interested in gaining first-hand insight from industry professionals into street art in Ireland today. Plus, it makes for an amazing experience if you’re in Galway and want to see more of this beautiful city.

The event, which runs for two hours, will begin with an outdoor tour of street art in Galway City and conclude with a talk in Outset Gallery with complimentary tea and coffee.

You can see a vibrant street in Galway city, full of colour and some of these streets will also have street art
Galway has so much to offer to tourists and locals alike

Where do you meet? Outset Gallery, Galway City.

What does it aim to cover about street art:

•Professional practice and business acumen

•Learning about materials (e.g. emulsions, spray paints, prep work for commissioned murals)

•Techniques for controlling materials (e.g. how to use spray paint)

•Scaling work with grids

•Differences between commercial and cultural work

•History of graffiti and its influence on modern street art

•Creative freedom necessary to apply for murals in the city

It is presented by Galway City Arts Office and Outset Gallery and funded by Galway City Council Creative Ireland Programme.

It’s free, but quickly book your places here:

And if you get some really cool pictures, do give us a shout!


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