Sky Sensory Surroundings at Liss Ard Estate

Liss Ard Estate, just outside Skibbereen, is giving guests an opportunity to overdose on the sensory — from land to sea to sky. A place where the lush forests with velvet moss underfoot and broad shining lakes are the sensational setting for two special experiences, one by day and one by night. 

Sky Sensory Surroundings at Liss Ard Estate

Renowned American artist James Turrell’s only Irish installation, the Sky Garden at Liss Ard is a deep green bowl of grass open to the sky. Designed to be a naked-eye observatory on a grand and dramatic scale. The West Cork sky is the subject here, and this extraordinary crater has been exquisitely designed to make sure there is nothing to distract you from the perfect view, straight up over your head. 

Night-time Experiences on Land and Sea

At night-time, a very different but equally breath-taking experience involves being out on the water from dusk into deep darkness. Led by the professionals from Atlantic Sea Kayaking, this night kayak begins with sunset, then the rising moon. Following the sounds of seabirds coming in to roost, the aromas of shore plants on the breeze, the panoply of stars overhead, the astonishing bioluminescence and the deep, dark peace and serenity of night. 

A place of space, style, luxury and peace, Believe in Light at Liss Ard Estate is the perfect getaway for any couple who want to reconnect with the natural world around them in a deeply sensory and engaging way. An overnight at Liss Ard Estate with breakfast, private access to the Sky Garden, a two and a half hour night-time kayak on Lough Hyne and dinner starts from €489. 

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Joan Scales
Joan Scales
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